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Security Consultants

Cybersecurity Consultants

Streamline Reporting, Boost Your Efficiency and Profits 

PlexTrac is THE premier solution for cybersecurity consultancies and service providers offering penetration testing and red teaming services. Cut reporting time in half and keep your team focused on the real security work with PlexTrac’s powerful platform, which includes vulnerability scanner integrations, a database of customizable and reusable findings, custom report templating, and so much more. 
As a white hat your job is to exploit vulnerabilities and help your clients improve their posture
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With PlexTrac, we’ve increased the efficiency and consistency of our report writing process. Our engineers are relieved of some tedious and repeated tasks so they can spend more time interacting with and bringing value to the client, all while maintaining a leaner team.”

— Brandon Potter, Chief Technology Officer, ProCircular

Scanner Integrations

All Your Results in One Place

PlexTrac supports data imports from all leading vulnerability scanners, including Nessus, Burp Suite, Nexpose, Veracode and more. You can also plug and play other scanners or your custom tools with PlexTrac’s open API.

All of the tools you use and data you gather as a security consultant can be brought into PlexTrac
PlexTrac's reusable content allows you to store all of your evidence, writeups, and findings in one location

Content Library

The Database of Reusable Content

The Content Library allows you to store language for commonly identified findings and narratives in repositories for different clients, assets, frameworks, etc. Rather than copying and pasting from Word or Excel, create, modify, upload, collaborate on, and store all of your frequently used content for reports in the same platform used to aggregate your scanner data and produce the reports themselves.


Custom Templates

Your Methodology and Branding Automated

Once you’ve prepared the report content on PlexTrac, exporting to a document template designed to your brand specifications and accessible to your clients is a breeze. Or skip the document and share results in a white-labeled web experience with PlexTrac’s client portal feature.

Deliver your reports your way with PlexTrac's custom templating and white labeling functionality

Optimized Workflows

CVSS v3.1, CVE, and CWE Data

Improve reporting workflows for faster deliverable creation. Utilize a full service CVSS v3.1 calculator including environmental and temporal scoring adjustments to determine vulnerability severity. Filter and sort data by CVSS, CVE, and CWE fields for finding discovery and analysis.


Streamline Your Workflows

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Penetration Test Reporting

Exponentially reduce time spent writing reports with searchable repositories of findings and narratives, robust analytics, and customizable report templates.

Client portal icon

Client Portal

Provide customers a direct window into your findings and recommendations and manage remediation and tracking with a permissions-based client portal access.

Bug bounty icon

Bug Bounty Programs

Import from all your data sources, including bug bounty reports, with PlexTrac’s open API so you can aggregate your findings in one interface.

Learn More about PlexTrac for Consultancies

Crush the Reporting Time Suck eBook

In this eBook you will take a deep dive into the PlexTrac features that streamline all parts of the reporting process. Learn how consultancies and security service providers of all sizes are cutting reporting time in half while improving client satisfaction.

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