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Service Providers

Managed Security Service Providers

PlexTrac as a Business Value Add

MSSPs offer invaluable service in the increasingly complex world of cybersecurity. PlexTrac is the perfect complement to the MSSP tech stack, offering everything the MSSP needs to efficiently manage the workflow of reporting and collaboration with their team and with their clients. And the PlexTrac MSSP Partner Program makes it easy to gain the immense value of the PlexTrac platform.
Service providers work as a black ops unit for many organizations, doing the hard work to get the job done

PlexTrac enables our Proactive Assessment Team with a platform to streamline the assessment reporting process. This helps our services team provide our customers with a better experience by delivering better reports in less time than we could before we had PlexTrac in place.”

— Evan Peña, Consulting Leader

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Flexible Pricing Model

With enterprise or “pay-as-you-go” licensing options available, PlexTrac offers the flexibility MSSPs need to succeed with their clients.

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Enterprise-Level Service

PlexTrac provides a dedicated account manager and an experienced implementation specialist for all MSSP Partners in addition to our full support team.

Streamlined Reports

Drudgery Eliminated

Creating penetration test or assessment reports in PlexTrac will transform the workflows of your security pros and provide a value-add to your customers. Quickly add writeups for common finding from the WriteupsDB, reuse and customize narratives, easily include evidence, artifacts, and visualization, and export to your custom template with a click.

Cut out the busy work and focus on what counts
Create, deliver, and analyze assessments all inside the PlexTrac platform

Compliance Assessments

One Platform to Determine Risk

PlexTrac provides end-to-end support for creating, conducting, and reporting risk assessments. The Assessments module allows you to create robust, customizable questionnaires based on popular frameworks and provide assessment results to customers directly through a client portal or a document deliverable consistent with your existing methodology.


Custom Templates

Your Methodology and Branding Automated

Once you’ve prepared the report content on PlexTrac, exporting to a document template designed to your brand specifications and accessible to your clients is a breeze. Or skip the document and share results in a white-labeled web experience with PlexTrac’s client portal feature.

Deliver your reports your way with PlexTrac's custom templating and white labeling functionality

Optimized Workflows

CVSS v3.1, CVE, and CWE Data

Improve reporting workflows for faster deliverable creation. Utilize a full service CVSS v3.1 calculator including environmental and temporal scoring adjustments to determine vulnerability severity. Filter and sort data by CVE and CWE fields for finding discovery and analysis.

CVSS is owned by FIRST and used by permission. This calculator is based on the official FIRST CVSS documentation.


Streamline Your Workflows

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Penetration Test Reporting

Exponentially reduce time spent writing reports with searchable repositories of findings and narratives, robust analytics, and customizable report templates.

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Assessment Reporting

Create and customize questionnaires based on common compliance frameworks, link findings to frameworks, and track to remediation all in one place.

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Client Portal

Provide customers a direct window into your findings and recommendations and manage remediation and tracking with a permissions-based client portal access.

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Download our MSSP Partner Program brochure or reach out directly to our MSSP Account Manager Jason Kramek.

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