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Custom Templates

Custom Templates

Deliver Reports with Your Look and Feel

PlexTrac’s Custom Templates feature enables users to easily produce high-quality reports that showcase their security expertise and recommendations. Present your security findings in the method — and with the branding and formatting — that your organization requires. With our white-glove templating service, we take care of the coding so you can focus on the critical security work instead of the drudgery and frustration of manual report creation.
PlexTrac reports are designed to match their users' specifications

Report and Finding Templates

Make It Your Own

What do your final reports look like from PlexTrac? Just like they look today. Our Customer Success engineers help you add the Jinja2 scripting language directly to your existing .docx template to populate your PlexTrac data into your existing style and methodology. Export to your custom-branded .docx with a single click.


Automate Metrics and Sorting

With Jinja2, you can automate the tabulation and presentation of metrics from your findings. Automate calculations such as compliance percentage by control maturity level, or simply present total findings by engagement scope. Automatically sort and present your findings in whatever fashion you desire.

Use PlexTrac to aggregate and automate your key security datapoints and findings
PlexTrac enables users to deploy portal-based reporting in additional to traditional documents

Export Templates

Save to Word

PlexTrac’s templating engine uses intuitive Jinja2 syntax to export reports into custom document formats. If you’re coming from another reporting tool, you will be delighted with the ease of exporting in PlexTrac. Of course, our Customer Success Team is on standby to handle the heavy lifting for you.

Learn More about the Platform

PlexTrac Platform Overview eBook

Everything you need to know about the PlexTrac platform capabilities is collected in a handy eBook format for your reference or sharing with your team.

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