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Custom Templates

Custom Templates

Present your security findings in the method — and with the branding and formatting — that your organization requires with little to no code.

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Low-Code Customization

PlexTrac is much more than a pentest automation tool — it’s the nexus between speed, quality, and value. That’s exactly what you get with our no-code customization options for your reports. 

We offer style and configuration features, designed to streamline the reporting workflow and enable scalable delivery of customized pentest reports, without the need for a highly technical resource or a substantial time investment.

Pre-Built Report Exports

We offer several out-of-the-box templates, designed with best practices in mind, so that you can easily find an option that satisfies your customers’ or organizations’ current and future needs. 

Quickly select the template of your choice from the product documentation site with step-by-step instructions and examples of each design option. Need to make modifications?

Choose from a series of built-in customization options to get started. (No code needed!) Your team will love the efficiency and your stakeholders will love the quick time to value. 

Configurable Findings Layouts

When it comes to leveraging findings layout templates to satisfy your workflows and data collection, you need the flexibility to adjust fields based on your customers’ or organizations’ needs.

So, to streamline report authoring and operator onboarding, we’ve made it possible to add or remove fields — or reorganize fields — as necessary. Additionally, you can view all standard or custom fields in a single tab.

Customizable Style Guides

Need to quickly swap out colors and fonts to match your customers’ or organizations’ unique brand elements? Looking to customize tables, images, code blocks, hyperlinks? Our “style guide” feature allows you to manage your report styling customizations right in PlexTrac for every export template!

Best of all? These no-code stylization elements can be replicated across export templates and adjusted on the fly, further streamlining your reporting workflow at scale to help you meet demands faster than ever before.

Add-On Templating Services

If you have unique customization needs that go-beyond our self-serve capabilities, we are happy to assist. With our add-on templating service, we take care of any necessary coding to ensure that your export report templates meet your exact specifications.

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