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ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

Calculate the Business Impact of PlexTrac

How Much Could Our Organization Save?

Walk through the following scenario to estimate your potential resource savings and revenue gains using PlexTrac.

We are a . We have pentesters on the team who complete on average annual pentests per pentester, which take around hours to complete each report. The average salary of a pentester is $.

We charge clients around $ per new engagement/pentest.

PlexTrac reduces time spent on report creation per engagement by an average of 50% — making PlexTrac your force multiplier.

Comparison Current State Potential with PlexTrac
Est # of Total Pentests Per Year
Hours Per Report
Total Hours Spent on Report Creation

Without PlexTrac, assuming a 30% margin, your profit is approximately .

With your existing team using PlexTrac, your team can now complete additional pentests/engagements annually, which equates to additional revenue potential. Assuming your sales and marketing budget increases by an incremental 5% to take advantage of this new capacity*, your total profit potential could be approximately .

*E.g. acquiring new clients, expanding new services to existing clients etc.

Potential Profit Current State Potential with PlexTrac Delta
Labor Cost 0
Sales & Marketing Budget*
Margin %

*Sales and marketing budget could include marketing costs, sales commission etc.

*The calculator on this web page is provided for educational purposes only. The estimates provided are based on information you input and may not reflect actual savings. The calculations are hypothetical examples designed to illustrate the value and benefit of the PlexTrac solution. Actual results may vary.

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