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The Best Pentesting Begins and Ends with PlexTrac

The Premier Penetration Test Reporting, Collaboration, and Management Platform

•   Cut reporting time in half

•   Enhance collaboration

•   Improve security posture

Transforming the way the real cybersecurity work gets done

Improving efficiency and effectiveness

ROI reported from PlexTrac users

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Providing solutions for

Red Teams

Streamline all steps of the pentest and assessment reporting process and export to your custom template with a click or give stakeholders direct access with the client portal feature.

Blue Teams

Aggregate security findings from all sources so you can analyze, prioritize, assign, and track remediation all in one interface — gaining a real-time view of security posture.

Purple Teams

Plan, execute, collaborate, and report on adversarial emulation activities using procedures or supported test plans and frameworks like MITRE Engenuity, SCYTHE or BlindSPOT.

Security Leaders

Be more proactive and strategic and demonstrate progress over time, while also improving team efficiency and effectiveness across all workflows in the cybersecurity lifecycle.

PlexTrac enables our Proactive Assessment Team with a platform to streamline the assessment reporting process. This helps our services team provide our customers with a better experience by delivering better reports in less time than we could before we had PlexTrac in place.”

– Evan Peña, Consulting Leader

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Offering key features catered to your needs


Aggregate findings from all sources into customizable formats

PlexTrac provides cybersecurity teams unparalleled power when it comes to reporting security vulnerabilities and other risk-related findings.

  • Import findings from your favorite vulnerability scanners including Nessus, Burp Suite, Nexpose, and more with our parsing engine.
  • Ensure consistency of format across all reports with our templating engine.
  • Most importantly — use PlexTrac as a collaboration portal between red and blue teams.

Content Library

Maximize Your Reusable Content without Word

PlexTrac makes the pain of copy and paste a thing of the past with our Content Library.

  • Ensure consistency of verbiage across narratives, findings writeups, and reports.
  • Search and add narratives and findings to reports in just a few clicks.
  • Draw from our built-in library and generate reusable content locally.
  • Use multiple access-controlled repositories to organize writeups for all teams and workflows.


Create and Complete Questionnaires to Identify Weaknesses

PlexTrac’s Assessments module gives security teams an intuitive and flexible interface to create questionnaires.

  • Base your questionnaires on common frameworks, such as CIS Top 20 Controls, or build custom assessments to identify risks unique to your organization.
  • Design powerful questionnaires that support both multiple choice and free response questions and have no question limit.
  • Share questionnaires with clients, internal teams, or third parties to complete.


Measure Your Security Posture and Progress in Real Time

PlexTrac’s Analytics module tells the story of security posture by aggregating and visualizing findings and their remediation statuses.

  • Filter the data that populates analytics visualizations at the same level of granularity as the reports and findings themselves.
  • Use PlexTrac’s powerful tagging capabilities to measure compliance against any framework in real time.
  • Manage assets with robust tagging and data visualization capabilities.


Execute Test Plans from Trusted Sources Flawlessly

PlexTrac’s Runbooks module is best-in-class for test plan execution designed to support continuous, iterative assessment. 

  • Script engagements mapped to MITRE ATT&CK — or create your own.
  • Import test plans from MITRE Engenuity, Atomic Red Team, and SCYTHE.
  • Purple team with ease using pre-planned steps and time-stamped activity logs.
  • Collect evidence throughout the engagement and generate reports with a few clicks.

Serving companies across the cybersecurity industry

Security Consultants

PlexTrac is the premier solution for cybersecurity consultancies and service providers offering penetration testing and red teaming services. Cut reporting time in half and keep your team focused on the real security work with PlexTrac’s powerful reporting and workflow platform.

Service Providers

PlexTrac is the perfect complement to the managed security service provider (MSSP) tech stack, offering everything needed to support a variety of services and to more efficiently manage the workflows of reporting and collaboration among the MSSP team and their clients.

Enterprise Teams

In-house cybersecurity teams use PlexTrac for end-to-end visibility of their security posture and attestation to teams and leadership. From proactive assessments to remediation tracking to improved collaboration, PlexTrac streamlines every part of the security lifecycle.

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