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Which PlexTrac is Right for You?

Our mission at PlexTrac is to improve the posture of every security team. Whether you work for a SMB, are a service provider, an individual researcher, or are a part of a large security team, there's something for you here.

PlexTrac Core offers all of our most popular modules, including Reports, Writeups, Asset Management, Custom Templating and more. It's perfect for smaller security teams and individual researchers.

PlexTrac also has many add-on modules that boost the power of PlexTrac. These modules make PlexTrac the ultimate platform for larger security teams. Add-on modules include Assessments, Analytics, Runbooks, and more!


Aggregate Findings from All Sources into Customizable Formats

PlexTrac provides cybersecurity teams unparalleled power when it comes to reporting security vulnerabilities and other risk-related findings.

Our parsing engine allows teams to import findings from their favorite vulnerability scanners, including Nessus, Burp Suite, and Nexpose. Our templating engine ensures consistency of format across all reports, while our writeups database ensures consistency of verbiage across findings and reports. Reports may be delivered in any format, including custom Word and PDF formats.

Most importantly, PlexTrac may be used as a collaboration portal between red and blue teams.


Rapidly Generate Assessment Reports and Deliver in Web or Document Format

PlexTrac eliminates the drudgery of reporting so red teams can focus on what's most important - identifying security issues.

Our WriteupsDB module allows red teams to save writeups in a central repository to ensure consistency across reports. Custom Word templates may be imported into PlexTrac using Jinja2 syntax to enable report export with the click of a button.

PlexTrac can even serve as a purple teaming client portal by granting blue team members access with flexible role-based controls.


Create and Complete Questionnaires to Identify Weaknesses

PlexTrac's assessments module gives security teams an intuitive and flexible interface to create questionnaires.

Questionnaires may be based on common frameworks, such as CIS Top 20 Controls, or built custom to identify risks unique to your organization. Multiple choice and free response questions are supported. Questionnaires may be shared with clients, internal teams, or third parties to complete.

Questionnaires have no question limit and may be saved and completed later.


Track Findings Over Time and Collaborate on Remediation

PlexTrac offers blue teams a platform to consolidate security findings. PlexTrac is far more powerful than the vulnerability management and risk register tools of yesterday.

Findings may be sliced and diced with infinite flexibility using our custom asset and tagging capabilities. Our status tracker and integrations with Jira and ServiceNow mean findings can be reported and remediated in the same interface. No more 500-page penetration test reports.

No more copying and pasting, or painful integrations. Most importantly, no more untracked issues.


Measure Your Security Posture and Progress in Real Time

PlexTrac's analytics platform tells the story of security posture by aggregating and visualizing findings and their remediation statuses.

Data that populates analytics visualizations may be filtered at the same level of granularity as reports and findings, themselves. Using our powerful tagging capabilities, you can measure compliance against any framework in real time.

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Why Customers Love PlexTrac

PlexTrac was built by information security specialists to address the pains we personally felt as practitioners. Take a look at how some of our existing clients think we are doing.
Looking for case studies that detail how clients actually use PlexTrac? We have you covered there, too.
Paul Asadoorian, Security Weekly
" I don't understand why every penetration tester in the world is not already using PlexTrac. "
Dominick Vitolo, MegaplanIT
“ We’ve been using PlexTrac for a couple years now and it’s been a game changer for both us and our clients. For our clients, we’ve been able to help them understand vulnerability management and actually start taking action on the long list of results from vulnerability scans that were previously too daunting to tackle efficiently. "
Alysia Horn, Asylas
“ A client facing pentest portal is something we always wanted but never had the time to develop on our own. We were just about to start the development project and then we came across PlexTrac. ”
Will Keppler, Cyzen
“ We were looking for a way to streamline and expedite our own reporting process while also giving our clients a better reporting product and new way to interact with our findings and recommendations. We found that in PlexTrac and are very excited to roll this out to our clients. "
Arnel Manalo, Richey May
“ After implementing PlexTrac, Richey May performed an analysis on the total time required to complete an engagement and found an average time savings of 18-22%. "
Brian Johnson, 7 Minute Security
" PlexTrac has helped me create better pentest reports with greater speed. I love that I can create my own custom database of findings and insert them quickly into any report. My clients appreciate having a Web-based portal to work on findings together. Executives especially like PlexTrac's ability to measure remediation efforts over time. "​


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PlexTrac is the premier purple teaming platform. Our assessment reporting capabilities are the most comprehensive and robust in the industry. Our ability to aggregate, analyze, and visualize findings from all sources offers an unparalleled 360-degree view of your security posture. No other platform makes it so easy for red and blue teams to collaborate.

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