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Content Library

Content Library

Save time with seamlessly integrated, fully customizable repositories for all your reusable content, including narratives, writeups, and Runbooks.

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Find the Right Writeup

Search by tag or keyword to find the precise writeup needed to guide remediation. Import writeups into your report with a single click. Modify and enrich the finding to tell the unique story of the engagement.

Your Writeups in Your Reporting Platform

Use our built-in library in conjunction with those that you generate locally. With PlexTrac, it’s effortless to copy any finding you have authored into your writeups database for future use. Standardize the narrative you provide when observing common vulnerabilities and present consistent, professional guidance.

Replace, Modify or Ignore Scanner Results

Automatically triage scanner-produced findings during import. Replace commoditized scanner narratives with your custom verbiage from the WriteupsDB, modify the default severity or discard low-priority results of your choosing.

Separate Catalogs for Each Practice

Use Repositories in the WriteupsDB to create and manage different collections of reusable content specific to the needs of each team or practice in your consultancy, for example, all in the PlexTrac platform. Repositories allow for many teams to have their own working space, complete with all of the content and permissions relevant to that practice.

Quality Writing Made Easy

Build out reports seamlessly with NarrativesDB repositories of reusable content, like key strengths, key weaknesses, team member bios, SOWs, summaries, etc. Organize narrative snippets into collections for easy and controlled access. NarrativesDB will help you eliminate the inconsistencies that come with continuous copy and pasting, ensure consistency and quality in every report, and save time in report building.

Efficiently Manage Test Plan Content

Runbooks Repositories enable your team to efficiently manage test plan content. Add and manage custom procedures, tactics, techniques, and methodologies, and organize into your desired repositories to quickly create new test plans.

PlexTrac provides industry-approved standard templates that support versioning for the latest release of MITRE / Atomic Red Procedures.

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