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Create and deploy simple scoping questionnaires or complex security frameworks like CMMC 2.0 with unparalleled flexibility. 

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Create Custom Assessments

Our questionnaire engine gives you ultimate flexibility in the assessment questionnaires you may create. 

  • Include up to 1,000 questions within a questionnaire
  • Supports fully customizable radio button, multiple choice and free response questions
  • Pre-populate reusable references and recommendations to eliminate copy and paste

Commonly Used Assessments

Our Assessments module is best suited for security consultancies offering framework-based Governance, Risk and Compliance assessments and Technical Testers using scoping questionnaires.

  • CMMC 2.0
  • NIST 800-53
  • CISv8
  • ISO 27001

Skip the Spreadsheets

Pre-populate commonly seen deficiencies, recommendations and authoritative references into your framework-based risk assessments. Mask this reference data until you’ve tailored it to your customers’ environments. Enrich responses with supporting documentation as you work. Perform your assessment in an easy-to-navigate environment built for your workflow – not a spreadsheet.

No More Emails With Sensitive Data

Discover risks and collect evidence with assessments conducted directly in the secure PlexTrac platform. 

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Stay informed, stay secure. Dive into our blog and unlock the insights that will empower you in the world of penetration testing and beyond.

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