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Identify and Manage Risks

PlexTrac’s Assessments Module allows for easy creation, deployment, and reporting of assessments of any type — from simple scoping questionnaires to complex security frameworks like CMMC 2.0. Every Assessment is fully customizable — you choose how the data is collected to best support your reporting needs. Export finished documents in your reporting methodology, and with your existing branding and styling.


Create Custom Assessments

Our questionnaire engine gives you ultimate flexibility in the assessment questionnaires you may create. 

  • Include up to 1,000 questions within a questionnaire
  • Supports fully customizable radio button, multiple choice and free response questions
  • Pre-populate reusable references and recommendations to eliminate copy and paste

Use Cases

Commonly Used Assessments

Our Assessments module is best suited for security consultancies offering framework-based Governance, Risk and Compliance assessments and Technical Testers using scoping questionnaires.

✓ CMMC 2.0

✓ NIST 800-53


✓ CISv8

✓ ISO 27001



Assessments Reporting

Skip the Spreadsheets

Pre-populate commonly seen deficiencies, recommendations and authoritative references into your framework-based risk assessments. Mask this reference data until you’ve tailored it to your customers’ environments. Enrich responses with supporting documentation as you work. Perform your assessment in an easy-to-navigate environment built for your workflow – not a spreadsheet.


Third-Party Assessments

No More Emails with Sensitive Data

Discover risks and collect evidence with assessments conducted directly in the secure PlexTrac platform. 

  • Eliminate the hassle and concern of emailing sensitive documentation.
  • Provide respondents with an intuitive interface that eases the burden of assessment completions. 
  • Provide clients access to a web-based portal to consume results.

Learn More about the Platform

PlexTrac Platform Overview eBook

Everything you need to know about the PlexTrac platform capabilities is collected in a handy eBook format for your reference or sharing with your team.

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