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See how PlexTrac can enable your team to:

  • Save time with our industry-first AI pentest report authoring capabilities
  • Reduce risk by prioritizing the most impactful findings with our context-based risk-scoring engine
  • Close the loop on continuous validation by prioritizing, assigning, and tracking findings from all your scanner tools in one place
Brian Johnson
CEO and President
“I love that I can create my own custom database of findings and insert them quickly into any report. My clients appreciate having a Web-based portal to work on findings together. Executives especially like PlexTrac’s ability to measure remediation efforts over time.”
Alex Boyle
Sr. Manager, Offensive Security
“The support team has been responsive, expedient, and generally super helpful. It’s great to see the community rally behind feature ideas and then see those come to fruition. Working with PlexTrac been a great vendor experience in regard to feature requests.”
Brandon Potter
Chief Technology Officer
“With PlexTrac, we’ve increased the efficiency and consistency of our report writing process. Our engineers are relieved of some tedious and repeated tasks so they can spend more time interacting with and bringing value to the client, all while maintaining a leaner team.”
JT Gaietto
Chief Security Officer
““Overall, we’ve seen at least a 50 percent time saving on our reporting processes.””
Leo Laporte
Podcast Host
“PlexTrac is a game changer for organizations that want to be proactive in their cybersecurity efforts.”
Evan Peña
MD of Professional Services
“PlexTrac helps our services team provide a better customer experience.”
Dominick Vitolo
VP of Security Services
“We’ve been using PlexTrac for a couple years now and it’s been a game changer for both us and our clients. For our clients, we’ve been able to help them understand vulnerability management and actually start taking action on the long list of results from vulnerability scans that were previously too daunting to tackle efficiently”
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