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Conduct tabletop and purple teaming exercises, leverage 500+ pre-built procedures mapped to MITRE ATT&CK to quickly generate a runbook tailored to your test objectives, conduct true adversarial emulation by importing test plans from MITRE Engenuity, BlindSPOT, and SCYTHE, and demonstrate progress over time through iterative testing.

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Script Your Engagements

Focus testing resources where you have gaps in understanding. Standardize your methodologies to ensure consistency. Script your activities to support junior testers. Leverage existing frameworks—like MITRE ATT&CK—or create your own.

Efficiently Manage Custom Content

Runbooks Repositories enable you to efficiently manage custom content related to your purple teaming exercises. PlexTrac provides industry-approved standard templates that support versioning for the latest release of MITRE / Atomic Red Procedures.

Copy or duplicate ready-made content and tailor it to your needs. Add and manage custom procedures, tactics, techniques, and methodologies in your desired repositories, enabling you to quickly create new test plans.

Execute With Checklist Precision

Ensure complete coverage of the attack surface. Track each step of execution by both red and blue teams with time-stamped activity logs that facilitate collaborative debriefs. Effortlessly collect evidence such as screenshots and logs.

Produce Evidence-Backed Reports

Easily triage your collected evidence. Submit your engagement into an intuitive report format that organizes and structures all your data. Enrich and refine your results, then export to your custom .docx—or simply use PlexTrac as your remediation tracking platform.

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