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Connect All Your Tools to PlexTrac

Using a myriad of tools to find vital security flaws and manage workflows is just part of the job for cybersecurity teams. But the pain of manually aggregating findings data for analysis, reporting, and remediating doesn’t have to be. Enter PlexTrac. Our core integrations, premium integrations, and open API enable you to bring all your sources of knowledge and findings data into a single platform to save time and maximize value.

With a continuously growing list of integrations with industry leading tools and platforms, PlexTrac supports you at every stage of the security lifecycle. In addition, our open API makes it simple to connect your custom solutions to your PlexTrac instance.

Don’t see your integration listed? You may also bring findings directly into PlexTrac via CSV import.

Connect All Your Tools to PlexTrac

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Check out our PlexTrac integrations guide today to learn how PlexTrac pairs seamlessly with your security team’s technology stack.

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