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Client Portal

Client Portal

Go beyond document-based reports by offering your clients a web-based portal to review findings and collaborate on remediation.

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Catalyze Secure Collaboration

Empower your clients to track every finding from your assessments and collaborate on remediation. By licensing their own tenancy of PlexTrac, your clients may integrate ticketing systems to streamline their entire remediation workflow.

Drive Remediation Efficiency

Our dashboard experience is designed to drive remediation efficiency by providing your clients an immediate snapshot of everything assigned to them upon logging in. All findings, reports, and assessments display within actionable widgets. View, update, and close findings directly from the dashboard view.

Never Drop a Task or Miss an Update

Specify who receives in-app and email notifications, and when. Ensure progress is made on key issues and readily review updates in real time.

Get Work Done

PlexTrac’s status tracker allows blue teams to collaborate on remediation by assigning findings, commenting on findings, and updating remediation statuses. By integrating with Jira or ServiceNow, comments and statuses can synchronize between PlexTrac and ticketing systems.

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