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Enterprise Teams

Enterprise Security Teams

PlexTrac as the Proactive Management Solution

In-house cybersecurity teams use PlexTrac for end-to-end visibility of their security posture. From proactive assessments to remediation tracking and improved collaboration to stakeholder communication, PlexTrac streamlines every part of the security lifecycle.
Red and Blue Teams become more powerful when working together to improve their security posture

PlexTrac enables the team to produce higher quality findings to our stakeholders faster. Our internal processes have been changed to take advantage of this capability.”

– Fortune 500 apparel company

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Data Aggregation

All Your Data in One Place

Import all of the data from your network and application scanning tools into one place where it can be triaged into actionable information. Bring all your data together in PlexTrac for better, quicker aggregation and visualization. Immediately see all of your assignments upon logging into PlexTrac and take action right from the main dashboard.

Remediation Tracking

Integration with Your Ticketing Tools

With PlexTrac’s built in integrations with Jira and ServiceNow, you can coordinate workflows within the team and with the rest of the organization. PlexTrac ensures users can continue using their established remediation processes, so you can work more efficiently across your teams to reduce friction and time to remediation.

PlexTrac has integrations with both Jira and ServiceNow to empower remediation after reporting

Optimized Workflows

CVSS v3.1, CVE, and CWE Data

PlexTrac supports faster remediation by enabling streamlined workflows leveraging CVSS v3.1, CVE, and CWE data. The CVSS v3.1 calculator in PlexTrac includes environmental and temporal scoring adjustments to prioritize vulnerability remediation. CVE and CWE data can be stored and used to filter and sort data for quick vulnerability analysis and discovery.

Robust Analytics

Enhanced Visibility of Your Security Posture

With PlexTrac, cybersecurity teams can gain a real-time view of their security posture with robust analytics. PlexTrac’s Analytics module lets you slice and dice your data with infinite filtering to tailor the view to the needs of the audience and track progress over time.

Use PlexTrac's Analytics module to track progress and see results from all testing activities

Workflow Solutions for Every Team

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Red Teams

Streamline all steps of the pentest and assessment reporting process and export to your custom template with a click or give stakeholders direct access with the client portal feature.

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Blue Teams

Aggregate security findings from all sources so you can analyze, prioritize, assign, and track remediation all in one interface — gaining a real-time view of security posture.

Purple Teaming icon

Purple Teams

Plan, execute, collaborate, and report on adversarial emulation activities using your procedures or supported test plans and frameworks like MITRE Engenuity or SCYTHE.

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Security Leaders

Be more proactive and strategic and demonstrate progress over time, while also improving team efficiency and effectiveness across all workflows in the cybersecurity lifecycle.

Who Needs PlexTrac

PlexTrac is used by Fortune 500 companies across industry verticals

Technology industry


Financial industry

Financial Services

Healthcare industry


Pharmaceutical industry


Manufacturing industry


Government agencies


Infrastructure companies


Learn More about PlexTrac for Enterprises

Optimize the Business of Purple Teaming
White Paper

This handy white paper makes the business case for adding PlexTrac to your cybersecurity arsenal and details the PlexTrac use case for internal security teams. Gain insight into the most popular platform features and how they make teams more effective, efficient, and proactive.

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