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Findings Delivery and Validation for Enterprise Teams 

Findings Delivery and Validation 

Accelerate Remediation and Retesting with PlexTrac

Despite working in the same organization, effective findings delivery and validation efforts between teams in an internal cybersecurity program are challenging. Due to siloed processes, communication and collaboration of remediation and retesting efforts are inefficient and disjointed. PlexTrac helps in-house teams reduce mean time to remediation (MTTR), track progress over time, create traceability to validate remediation, measure cycle time, and improve the organization’s overall security posture. Integrations with Jira/SNOW allow teams to streamline collaboration and tracking within existing workflows.

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Break Down Communication Silos with PlexTrac

By providing a single interface for both teams to communicate and automate data transfer, PlexTrac eliminates silos. Internal teams can implement continuous assessment and validation strategies and demonstrate progress when teams are working in sync.  


PlexTrac Solution


Siloed offensive and defensive teams working in different systems and with distinct processes creating inefficiencies are slowing down remediation efforts.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac’s in-platform tracking, automatic notifications, and ticketing integrations enable remediation to begin as soon as a new finding is documented, reducing MTTR.



Reluctance from the blue team performing remediation from proactive assessments to change existing workflow processes.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac has robust bi-directional API integrations with Jira and ServiceNow, enabling existing blue team workflows to remain in place while increasing visibility and efficiency.



Difficulty tracking progress over time because offensive and defensive processes and tools lack interactivity.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac bridges offensive and defensive team workflows for real-time visibility and historical data tracking while also creating traceability to validate whether a vulnerability was closed or not.



Findings from PtaaS and BAS tools are difficult to prioritize and remediate quickly reducing the ROI on these tooling investments. This also prevents organizations from realizing the benefit of continuous validation.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac ingests findings from PtaaS and BAS solutions, in addition to findings from manual testing, to enable analysis and prioritization.


Streamline Delivery and Validation Workflows with PlexTrac

Red and Blue Teams Work Efficiently in Tandem from Documented Finding to Retesting and Validation

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