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Continuous Assessment & Validation

Continuous Assessment & Validation

Close the Loop on Your Testing and Remediation Cycle with PlexTrac

Traditional point-in-time pentesting alone is no longer sufficient to create an optimal security posture as it may leave companies open to vulnerabilities for long periods. PlexTrac can help enable teams to achieve a continuous assessment and validation strategy by serving as the control center for ingesting and managing the data produced by both automated and manual testing and then prioritizing, assigning, and tracking it through remediation and retesting. For organizations investing in PtaaS, BAS, and continuous validation tools, PlexTrac fills the gap in managing and acting on results to close the loop remediation and retesting and maximize the benefit of these solutions. 

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Maximize Investment in Testing, Services, and Tools with PlexTrac

Implementing a continuous assessment model typically involves a suite of automation tools and expert manual analysis working in iterative loops. Coordinate your continuous assessment efforts effectively and efficiently with PlexTrac to achieve measurable results. 


PlexTrac Solution


Enterprise teams running only traditional, point-in-time pentests as an annual health check may be open to rapidly evolving threats. 

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac paired with its integration partners provides the solution to adopt a more proactive approach to pentest planning, reporting, and remediation. Gain visibility and control of manual results and automated systems necessary to continuously test for vulnerabilities.



Difficulty collaborating effectively within the team to produce consistent documentation about testing activities.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac saves time and improves quality and consistency with reusable content repositories, quality assurance and formatting features, and custom templating.



Challenges closing the loop on findings from PtaaS and BAS solutions to improve security posture and demonstrate the value of these investments.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac integrates with leading PtaaS and BAS platforms to enable data consolidation, analysis, task assignment, and remediation tracking.



Challenges aggregating data to analyze trends and impact to demonstrate the value of internal pentesting efforts to leadership.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac offers a built-in ticketing tracker and integration with Jira and ServiceNow to enable rapid prioritization, assignment, and tracking of remediation tasks to improve security posture.



Lack of real time visibility into security posture and inability to attest to leadership or answer questions on status and progress.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac, combined with its PtaaS and vulnerability management integrations, gives teams the infrastructure to perform and manage ongoing assessment efforts. PlexTrac also makes it fast and easy to pull analytics and reports and customize them for different stakeholders.


The Continuous Assessment & Validation Process

Manage the Complete Security Cycle in PlexTrac  

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