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Asset Management

Asset Management

Track and manage vulnerabilities by asset so you have the pieces of the puzzle necessary to prioritize and remediate efficiently.

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Measure What Matters

Affected assets may be added to any finding in a report, allowing you to communicate the specific location of vulnerabilities in an environment.

Persistent assets can be created manually or automatically each time you import a scan result. Raw scan data is populated for each asset in the context of the vulnerability.

Track Issues at the Asset Level

By consolidating vulnerabilities from all reports for each asset in a client’s environment, PlexTrac is the perfect platform for facilitating rapid remediation efforts.

Track each individual vulnerability from detection to fix for all your assets, including networks, servers, PCs, APIs, apps, and IoT devices.

Monitor Posture and Progress

Get a real-time picture of your affected assets with PlexTrac’s analytics module. Data visualizations at the asset level provide powerful insight into the posture and progress of your most important assets.

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