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Get the low down on new features we release into the platform, as well as various use cases for the platform you may not have thought of. Our release cycles continue to shorten, so be sure to visit this page frequently to stay on top of everything you can do in PlexTrac.

PlexTrac MiniDemo Series

Features, Use Cases, Walkthroughs, and More


Building Your First Question

A walkthrough on how to create your first question, how to include supporting materials like artifacts and attachments, and much more, all explained in a little over 12 minutes!


Using Adversary Emulation Plans

A walkthrough on the ability to import and use adversary emulation plans from both MITRE and SCYTHE. Walk through how to create a question, how to include supporting materials like artifacts and attachments, and much more in just over 12 minutes!


Runbooks Demo by PlexTrac's Founder

A walkthrough of the full Runbooks module inside of PlexTrac by Founder and CEO Dan DeCloss in under 8 minutes!


Using WriteupsDB Repositories

A walkthrough of a brand new feature in the platform: Writeup repositories! These repositories let you segment and filter your stored pre-built writeups by team, client, or any other factor. Learn how this works and it's benefit in just over 10 minutes.


Using QA Workflows and Short Codes

A walkthrough that covers a couple of newer features in the platform: QA Workflows and Short Codes. Learn how to edit like a pro in PlexTrac, and how to use short codes to automate copy and paste when working on different engagements or with different clients in just 6 minutes.


Using Trends and SLAs

A walkthrough of new features inside Analytics. With PlexTrac’s new Trends and SLAs feature housed in Analytics, customers can now configure, manage, track, and report on how they are performing against their service-level agreements directly in the platform.


HackerOne Integration

A walkthrough covering our new integration with HackerOne. With this integration —our first penetration testing as a service tools (PTaaS)— all of your important HackerOne data can be brought into PlexTrac without fumbling with documents.

Your PlexTrac Quickstart

Learn the Basics


Get Started in Minutes Not Hours

Become productive immediately with PlexTrac's web-based application. Use the cloud version or deploy in any environment with PlexTrac's Docker Image.


Produce Deliverables in Half the Time

Leverage default write-ups in PlexTrac's WriteupsDB and include scanner results. Then, generate reports in default or custom-branded formats.


Add Videos and Screenshots

Provide explicit screenshots or video recordings in findings and reports to enable easy reproduction and resolution.


Centralize Findings from All Sources

Manage a central repository of findings from all sources, including: pen tests, vulnerability scanners, internal/external audit, and more.


Collaborate with Colleagues and Clients

Invite additional internal and external users into PlexTrac. Control access and permissions as necessary in the user management interface. 

Cup O' Joe (A PlexTrac Series)

Thought Leadership, Tips and Tricks, and More!


Pentetration Test Phases 1 and 2

Today's episode focuses on penetration testing, Joe's favorite! We cover Joe's 10 phases of pentesting, dive in deeper on phases 1 and 2, and outline what that process looks like in PlexTrac.


Cybersecurity's Unsung Heroes

Today's episode focuses on the forgotten and unsung heroes in the InfoSec field... Project Managers. Joe discusses why this role is so vital, and how their job can be made MUCH easier in PlexTrac.


Empower People with Tools

Today's episode focuses on how you can retain your cybersecurity talent. The big secret? Invest in tools to help your best folks work more efficiently and do their job better. Joe walks you through the need for tool investment and shows off how you can be more efficient.


Should I Outsource my Pentests?

Today's episode focuses on a question asked to Joe at FS-ISAC's America's Spring Summit in Florida. Should I outsource my pentests, and can PlexTrac help with that? Joe dives into the pros and cons of outsourcing your pentests, and details how PlexTrac can make your life easier!


Out with Old, In with New

Today's episode focuses on everyone's least favorite penetration testing activity... report writing. Joe touches on the pains of the process, reflects on what could have been done to improve the process, and outlines a new way to write reports in a painless manner with PlexTrac.


Without a Blue Team, Am I Screwed?

Today's episode focuses on current events between Ukraine and Russia. Cyber war is at an all-time high, and you need to take precautions to remain safe. But the question remains... If I don't have a Blue Team, am I screwed?


With PlexTrac's Runbooks Module

Today's episode focuses on maximizing your talent in cybersecurity. It's no secret there's a talent shortage in the industry, so what are you doing to make the most out of your team and train your junior practitioners? Joe walks through how to do this using PlexTrac's Runbooks module.


Success as an Iteration of Failure

Today's episode focuses on failure in cybersecurity. Joe talks about how important failure is to get better as an individual and a team, the steps you can take to learn from your failures, and how PlexTrac could have helped him avoid one of his bigger career blunders.


Soft Skills Needed in Cybersecurity

This episode focuses on the soft skills you NEED to work in cybersecurity, and what you can do to improve skills in these key areas. Joe also dives in to the PlexTrac Platform and shows how easy internal communication is on our platform.


Using the NetSec Reddit Board

This episode discusses hiring top cybersecurity talent. In the video Joe walks through the Reddit NetSec board, a popular forum that brings tons of talented security pros to the same place! It's a great place to find talented employees for your business.


The Key to Surviving the Internet

Our inaugural episode focuses on asset management. Why is it important (and difficult)? How do you ACTUALLY do it? And how can PlexTrac be the single, centralized platform for your asset management efforts?

There's a PlexTrac for Everyone

The Purple Teaming Platform


Change Your Life as a Red Teamer with PlexTrac

PlexTrac eliminates the drudgery of security reporting so red teams can focus on getting the real cybersecurity work done. Create better reports in half the time with PlexTrac.


Change Your Life as a Blue Teamer with PlexTrac

PlexTrac offers Blue Teams a powerful platform to aggregate, remediate, and communicate security findings in one central location. These findings can then be further parsed with infinite flexibility.


Track Signal Through the Noise with PlexTrac

PlexTrac is the cybersecurity platform that empowers continuous assessment, automated workflow, and effective collaboration between teams