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Proactively track and manage your pentest, offensive assessment, and scanner data to contextually prioritize risk, shrink continuous validation cycles, and close the loop on remediation.

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Identify underlying issues within your offensive security data

Create thematic groupings of findings and assets to track and identify the underlying issues introducing those findings into your environment. These groupings may be contextually prioritized for remediation, then delegated and assigned to responsible owners with automated notifications and progress tracking to keep stakeholders informed.

Drive prioritization with contextual risk-based scoring

Customize PlexTrac’s contextual scoring equation to determine which issues pose the largest threat to your or your clients’ organizations so you know where to allocate resources to make the largest impact. 

Start with out-of-the-box equations or customize to accommodate your unique risk appetite or industry-specific needs. 

Focus successive testing efforts on areas of highest risk to have the highest impact.

Get the most out of your exposure management toolsets

Maximize the value and relevance of data from exposure management solutions such as PTaaS, BAS, vulnerability management, and attack surface management by aggregating all data within a single space.

Realize the value of continuous validation

Quantify the impact of your pentest and continuous validation efforts. Demonstrate an ongoing reduction in risk to prove the remediation treatments of identified vulnerabilities have effectively reduced future risk. 

Shrink your continuous assessment and validation cycles by contextually prioritizing issues and quickly compiling and actioning test results to complete a higher volume of end-to-end tests in a shorter time frame.

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