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Penetration Test Reporting

Penetration Test Reporting

Go Beyond the Document

Built to support Jinja2 syntax, PlexTrac’s reporting engine is the most powerful in the penetration testing industry. However, as a purple teaming platform we go beyond document-based reporting by providing a single interface through which red and blue teams can report and remediate.
Your goal as a penetration tester is to find exploits and vulnerabilities and take advantage of them
Generate useful findings complete with powerful visualizations and actionable evidence


Add and Import Findings

The ability to include screenshots, code samples, and videos at the finding level, attribute findings to assets, and categorize findings with custom tags makes PlexTrac the leading penetration test reporting platform.



Easily Reuse Write-ups

PlexTrac makes it easy to save reusable write-ups in a central repository. Our WriteupsDB module eliminates inconsistencies caused by copying and pasting write-ups from previous reports. Findings imported from scanners may be automatically mapped to standard write-ups in WriteupsDB.

Write and reuse with PlexTrac's WriteupsDB inside of our Content Library
Templates inside of PlexTrac are designed to match your needs and exceed your expectations

Custom Templates

Deliver Consistent Reports

Report templates allow teams to configure reusable executive summaries. Finding templates allow teams to configure reusable write-up formats across reports. Word templates allow teams to export reports into custom document formats.


Writing A Killer Penetration Test Report

You may have l33t skillz on the command line, but can you communicate through the written word?

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