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PlexTrac was built by information security specialists to address the pains we personally felt as practitioners.

Take a look at how some of our existing clients think we are doing.

Overall, we’ve seen at least a 50 percent time saving on our reporting processes.”

– JT Gaietto, Chief Security Officer

We had an opportunity to further enhance our reporting, and PlexTrac was the solution to make it possible. PlexTrac helped us standardize our template and automate the report building process, and it has enabled us to produce reports with a few clicks. We create over 60 reports a year, so the savings in time and resources is significant.”

– Alex Boyle, Senior Manager, Offensive Security

Can I just say @PlexTrac. That is all. Just onboarded with you guys. And man. *chef’s kiss*. Also your bug team replies are super fast.”

– Twitter Post, Satisfied Customer

PlexTrac is a game changer for organizations that want to be proactive in their cybersecurity efforts.

– Leo Laporte, Podcast Host, This Week In Tech

The support team has been responsive, expedient, and generally super helpful. It’s great to see the community rally behind feature ideas and then see those come to fruition. Working with PlexTrac been a great vendor experience in regard to feature requests. PlexTrac is doing a great job listening to their customer feedback.”

– Alex Boyle, Senior Manager, Offensive Security

You should use PlexTrac for the simplicity and time saving it brings to your team.”

– JT Gaietto, Chief Security Officer

PlexTrac has helped me create better pentest reports with greater speed. I love that I can create my own custom database of findings and insert them quickly into any report. My clients appreciate having a Web-based portal to work on findings together. Executives especially like PlexTrac’s ability to measure remediation efforts over time.”

– Brian Johnson, CEO and President

We are excited about the newest updates to Runbooks. We’ve been actively using the latest version and have really positive feedback from the testers. They report that using Runbooks helps keep their assessment activities in line and ensures they are accounting for industry standards like OWASP. Hats off to the PlexTrac team for really listening to their customers’ needs and actively addressing them to make the product better.”

– Alex Boyle, Senior Manager, Offensive Security

With PlexTrac, we’ve increased the efficiency and consistency of our report writing process. Our engineers are relieved of some tedious and repeated tasks so they can spend more time interacting with and bringing value to the client, all while maintaining a leaner team.”

– Brandon Potter, Chief Technology Officer

PlexTrac saves our team of 5 about 250 hours a year of work. You can do the math on pen testers at least costing $500 an hour, and so PlexTrac has a 5x ROI in year 1.”

– Verified PlexTrac User

PlexTrac enables the team to produce higher quality findings to our stakeholders faster. Our internal processes have been changed to take advantage of this capability.”

– Security Assessment Team Lead, Fortune 100 Apparel Company

The PlexTrac Content Library has been a huge help in bringing consistency to our findings writeups and report creation. We were able to input 170+ writeups into the WriteupsDB to get to 90 percent writeup content pre-built, making reports fast to write and consistent in content across the organization.”

– Alex Boyle, Senior Manager, Offensive Security