Which PlexTrac is Right for You?

Our mission at PlexTrac is to improve the posture of every security team. Whether you work for a SMB, are a service provider, an individual researcher, or are a part of a large security team, there's something for you here.​

Simply put, there's a PlexTrac for every security professional on the planet.

PlexTrac Core

Modules and features for every PlexTrac user to enjoy.

Add-On Content

Additional modules and features that boost the power of PlexTrac.

Factors Determining Your Price Quote

Number of Users

PlexTrac offers a simplified, single-user instance of PlexTrac for individual researchers. This option gives individual cybersecurity professionals a platform to conduct assessments, generate reports, and make their security jobs easier. Larger security teams and enterprises with multiple users pay a higher rate but enjoy an enhanced, collaborative experience through the platform.


PlexTrac offers three different hosting options for customers. How you plan to host your instance of PlexTrac is an important factor in how your price will be quoted.  Public cloud is the easiest, fastest way to deploy. Private cloud gives you your own private instance for enhanced protection. On-premise deployment gives you maximized data security at an increased cost.

Add-On Modules

Beyond PlexTrac’s core modules, additional features are available that will garner a higher price for users. Powerful modules like Analytics and Runbooks, and features like Jira and ServiceNow integrations, the ability to enable single sign-on (SSO), data storage and retention, and the ability to receive all future updates and enhancements to PlexTrac all add additional value.


Reach out to us with any questions you may have. A member of our sales team will answer your questions as well as walk you through our pricing.