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About PlexTrac

Meet PlexTrac, the #1 offensive security management and reporting automation platform.

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Plex + Trac

We designed the PlexTrac solution to address the workflow pain points security practitioners face. PlexTrac helps them track signal through the noise and break down communication silos.

Combining “plexus” and “track,” our name really says it all. PlexTrac exists to network and coordinate all people and parts of a security program and to better track progress toward maturity.

Dan DeCloss, Founder & CTO

Dan brings more than 15 years of experience in cybersecurity. Dan started his career in the Department of Defense then moved to private sector consulting where he worked at companies such as Veracode as a Principal Consultant in Penetration Testing. He has also served as a Principal Security Engineer for the Mayo Clinic and a Sr. Security Advisor for Anthem. Prior to PlexTrac, Dan was the Director of Cybersecurity at Scentsy where he built the security program from infancy into a best-in-class program.

Dan has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the Naval Postgraduate School with an emphasis in Information Security. Dan holds the OSCP and CISSP certifications.

Our Values

Integrity through Transparency

and Accountability

Aggressive Innovation

Positively Impact People

Leadership Team

Andy Langsam

Chief Executive Officer

Dan DeCloss

Founder/Chief Technology Officer

Alex Thomson

Chief Revenue Officer

Oleg Antonyuk, Vice President of Finance at PlexTrac

Oleg Antonyuk

Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy Nazarian

Chief Marketing Officer

Ruchira Agrawal

VP of Engineering

Christopher Moore

General Counsel

Board of Directors

Dan DeCloss

Board Member

Evan Hahn, board member

Evan Hahn

Board Member

Vasant Kamath

Board Member

Andy Langsam

Board Member

Mike Self, board member

Mike Self

Board Member

Stu Solomon

Board Member

S. Somasegar, board member

S. Somasegar

Board Member

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