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Partner Program

PlexTrac Partner Program

Deliver Next-Generation Offensive Security Solutions with PlexTrac

PlexTrac plays a unique role in the cybersecurity ecosystem by enabling resellers, technology partners, and MSSPs to add new revenue streams and reach new markets and empowering their clients to realize greater return on investment in existing security technology and services.  

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Reseller Partners

PlexTrac creates a new revenue stream for value added resellers who are offering proactive security exposure management solutions to customers. Resellers can deliver PlexTrac as a standalone solution or as part of a logical bundle with a complementary exposure management solution. PlexTrac’s clear benefits to clients, which they can realize quickly, allows resellers to demonstrate the value of their services resulting in higher net retention and growth.

Key Benefits to Clients of Resellers:

  • Accelerate time to value and enhance ROI by making offensive security data actionable based on key risk management imperatives.  
  • Solve the planning, reporting and findings delivery challenges associated with continuous validation to realize the full value of PTaaS, BAS, and ASM solutions.  
  • Improve margins by eliminating tedious reporting cycles, enhancing the quality of reporting deliverables.

Technology Partners

PlexTrac enables ISVs  to provide complementary offensive security reporting capabilities to enterprise and MSSP clients. PlexTrac enhances current PTaaS, BAS, ASM, and VM offerings from leading providers across the exposure management space. 

Key Benefits to Clients of Technology Partners:

  • Shorten customers’ time to value and and allows customers to get greater return on PTaaS, BAS, ASM, and VM investment
  • Automate and extend reporting capabilities
  • Deliver holistic findings in a prioritized fashion to shorten mean time to remediation (MTTR). 

MSSP Partners

PlexTrac complements the proactive security services MSSPs deliver through their platform infrastructure by automatically compiling, prioritizing and delivering security findings from multiple data sources. In addition to serving a vital role in MSSPs’ delivery of security services directly to customers, PlexTrac enables MSSPs to extend the reach of their platform to other service providers and practitioners who want to offer strategic security services to their clients.

Key Benefits to Clients of MSSPs:

  • Automate planning and reporting making it easy to report vulnerabilities and risks based on their priorities — without the burden of manually compiling data. 
  • Do more with available resources; reduce the need to hire more staff. 
  • Leverage PlexTrac’s support of lightweight configurability of plans, reports and findings to reflect the brand, enhancing the feasibility of white-labeling service offers. 

Partnership Benefits

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