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Team Collaboration & Communication

Team Collaboration & Communication

Bring Red and Blue Teams Together in PlexTrac

Internal security teams too often work in silos using different tools, which prevents them from collaborating effectively on security testing and remediation efforts. This disconnection can lead to tasks falling through the cracks, which increases mean time to remediation (MTTR) and ultimately impacts your security posture. PlexTrac gives teams full visibility into all data for fast, effective collaboration and makes it easy for teams to communicate findings and demonstrate progress to all stakeholders.

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Boost Your Team’s Output with Frictionless Collaboration in PlexTrac

PlexTrac enables security team members and departments to work together more effectively and efficiently in one central platform. 


PlexTrac Solution


Internal teams operate in silos with little collaboration. Information is scattered, and handoffs are inefficient without access to all the content and context.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac provides red and blue teams with a true side-by-side view of their work for efficient collaboration. 



Communication between teams is poor. Emails and Slack messages are difficult to track and reference.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac’s workflow notifications automate communication among teams and robust integrations with Jira/SNOW ensure communication between systems.



Compiling data on progress, trends, and results for various stakeholders at appropriate levels of technicality is onerous. 

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac integrates with leading PtaaS and BAS platforms to enable data consolidation, analysis, task assignment, and remediation tracking.



Making informed decisions is extremely difficult when information is scattered among multiple locations and clear insights are lacking about which tasks are most critical.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac is the central location to consolidate all security data. PlexTrac integrates with many tools and has an open API to aggregate data from key sources and provide a complete view of activity and progress.


Cross Team Collaboration in PlexTrac

Achieve Full Workflow Visibility across Teams

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PlexTrac supercharges the efforts of cybersecurity teams of any size in the battle against attackers.

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