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Secure Cloud. Private Hosted. Client Hosted.

With PlexTrac’s platform deployment options, clients can choose the PlexTrac instance that is best suited to the needs of their organization. Whether secure cloud, private hosted with PlexTrac, or client hosted in your own environment, your team will have access to the time saving value of the premier cybersecurity reporting and workflow management platform. Stay focused on the most important security work with PlexTrac.
Deploy however you'd like with PlexTrac

Secure Cloud

The Easiest Way to Deploy

PlexTrac’s multi-tenant cloud SaaS platform allows your team to get started in minutes without the need to provision a new server.

Private Hosted

Let Us Host Your Own Private Instance

For enhanced security protection, PlexTrac offers private instances. Private instances ensure your data is segregated from other tenants and allows you to host the application under your own subdomain.

Host your instance of PlexTrac privately
Host PlexTrac yourself

Client Hosted

Deploy Anywhere with Docker Containers

For those that want maximum control of their data, PlexTrac offers the ability to deploy on premise using Docker containers. Client hosting allows you to deploy in your own selected environment, whether that’s in a physical data center or through a cloud solution. Our sales engineers are happy to walk you through this painless process.

Learn more about the platform

PlexTrac Platform Overview eBook

Everything you need to know about the PlexTrac platform capabilities is collected in a handy eBook format for your reference or sharing with your team.

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