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Test Planning & Execution

Test Planning & Execution

Build a World-Class Internal Testing Program with PlexTrac

Internal teams often struggle to perform and extract full value from testing activities — like tabletop exercises, adversary emulation, and purple teaming — due to collaboration barriers, siloed processes and tools, and inconsistent processes and expectations. 

PlexTrac takes the pain out of internal testing and allows you to scale testing efforts with existing resources. Develop a methodical and continuous approach to internal testing, according to industry standards, then automate the reporting to attest to stakeholders and compare progress over time.

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Manage Internal Testing End-to-End in PlexTrac

With PlexTrac, all team members have visibility into repeatable plans and can collaborate in real time when executing testing and then ticket and track findings.


PlexTrac Solution


Collaboration on internal testing efforts is challenging and ineffectual because teams lack a centralized location to plan and track exercises.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac provides a one-stop shop for teams to collaborate on testing exercises, breaking down silos and connecting systems. PlexTrac give both red and blue teams a true side by side view into test plan and results and the means to track remediation.



Internal testing can be very manual and inconsistent because test plans, objectives, and processes aren’t centralized across teams and individuals.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac ensures full, consistent coverage in your testing efforts every time so no step is ever missed. PlexTrac enables standardization and storing test plans and scripts and industry-standard templates that support versioning for the latest release of MITRE/Atomic Red Team procedures.



Communication between teams taking place over email or Slack is difficult to track and can easily get lost.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac supports cross-team collaboration and communication directly in the platform — providing full context and driving efficiency. Workflow notifications help automate communication between team members.



Ensuring new issues are not introduced into the system when updates are made requires constant testing. Continuous regression testing is difficult to implement.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac enables regression testing in the security environment by providing a place to create, store, and track execution and remediation on test plans.



Scaling internal testing efforts is difficult with limited resources and training less-experienced or new team members takes a lot of time from senior team members.

PlexTrac Solution:

With PlexTrac every team member — even the less experienced — can create and/or execute on fully scripted test plans, allowing your teams to run more effective exercises more often with your existing capacity.

Manage Your Internal Security Testing in PlexTrac

Plan, Execute, Report, and Track in One Centralized Platform

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