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Capture your security posture in real time with powerful visualizations to understand the most critical issues that need to be addressed and create preset views to communicate aspects of your security posture to the C-suite and other stakeholders.

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Monitor Security Posture in Real Time

PlexTrac’s analytics module aggregates findings into visualizations that are powerful yet easy to understand. At a glance, you can see your security posture in real time to make enlightened decisions about where to allocate resources.

Prioritize Your Efforts

PlexTrac helps you ensure your scarce infosec resources are being applied where needed most. Track average time to remediation based on the severity of risk. Ensure that the team is focused on securing the crown jewels and meeting risk-based performance benchmarks.

Your Signal Through the Noise

Whether you need the macro-view to communicate with executive stakeholders or a list of unpatched systems in a small enclave, PlexTrac’s robust filtering makes it effortless to find the data you need. Aggregate data from multiple Client units to provide side-by-side comparisons, or narrow your results by selecting specific tags at the client, report and asset level.

Analyze Asset-Based Risk

PlexTrac’s new Asset Analytics functionality provides you with an at-a-glance overview of every asset in your (or your clients’) company, by level of criticality, to help you better understand where you’re most vulnerable. Asset Analytics makes it easy to filter assets by up to 12 different data points, including client, tags, reports, location, and more.

Track Performance to Your Quality Standard

Configure, manage, track, and report on how you and your team are performing against service-level agreements (SLAs) directly in the PlexTrac platform.

With the Trends and SLAs feature, you can easily establish time frames for resolving issues and findings by level of criticality, see trends for SLAs over time, and answer the most pressing progress and performance questions for your security team or clients.

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