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PlexTrac Platform 2022 Year in Review 

Catch Up on the Many New and Improved Features Added this Year

PlexTrac’s developers and product team have been working hard this year to take the platform to new heights in features and functionality. The additions, improvements, and delights we’ve added to the platform are truly solidifying PlexTrac as the premier cybersecurity reporting and collaboration platform. 

VP of Success Shawn Scott and VP of Product Landon Reese combined forces on a product feature roundup for 2022. If you want to make sure you are up to date on maximizing your PlexTrac ROI, this is the demo video for you. 

PlexTrac Platform 2022 Year in Review Highlighted Features 

We’ve added to and improved the platform across the interface affecting nearly every module. If you are looking for something specific, use the following as a table of contents to navigate the video by timestamp to find what you are most interested in seeing in action or to find other in depth descriptions of our newest offerings. 

Content Library (Timestamp: 02:48)

Integrations (Timestamp: 11:50)

Bulk Actions / Standardization (Timestamp: 25:14)

Reporting (Timestamp: 30:13

Analytics (Timestamp: 35:54)

Assessments (Timestamp: 41:39)

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