April 2022 Feature Release: Maximizing Reusable Content

Transform Your Penetration Test Reporting Routine

May 3, 2022

PlexTrac’s latest feature release further solidifies its position as the premier pentest reporting platform by making report creation even faster. This release is all about content. Maximizing reusable content is key to saving time while improving the quality of the report and its value to clients. 

The first change users will notice in the platform is a new name on the main menu. Look for “Content Library” to find links to your repositories of reusable content. WriteupsDB is now located under Content Library as is the brand new NarrativesDB. 

Not yet a PlexTrac user? What you need to know is that PlexTrac optimizes content production for penetration test reporting with customizable repositories of reusable content snippets, like  writeups and narratives. These can be organized into differentiated repositories focused on and accessible to different users and use cases. And those content snippets can be edited and personalized with robust quality assurance features like track changes and commenting. 

With PlexTrac’s Content Library, you can kiss copy and paste goodbye.

Narratives Database Repositories

NarrativesDB is the newest addition to the PlexTrac package of reusable content. NarrativesDB includes narrative snippets of text that can be cataloged and inserted into reports for quick and seamless report building. In addition, these snippets can be organized into repositories for easy access and effective organization. This feature is very similar to the existing WriteupsDB except used for Narratives data, like key strengths, key weaknesses, team member bios, SOWs, summaries, and more! Like WriteupsDB, NarrativesDB will help you eliminate the inconsistencies that come with continuous copy and pasting, ensure consistency and quality in every report, and save time in report building.

image (3)

Writeups Database Repositories

The PlexTrac WriteupsDB has been a staple product feature from the beginning, but new functionality  allows you to create and manage different writeup repositories in one central location. Whether you work for a security consultancy, managed security service provider (MSSP) or an in-house security team, your organization may have different practices or groups with their own collection of reusable writeups specific to their needs and common findings. These differentiated repositories allow you to separate these writeups and control access to them as needed. This is a game-changing new addition to the platform for large consultancies and MSSPs — like PlexTrac client Mandiant — who have multiple teams that provide a wide variety of services for their customers.

Repositories allow for many teams to have their own working space, complete with all of the content and permissions relevant to that practice.

Watch the WriteupsDB Repositories MiniDemo.


Quality Assurance (QA) Workflows

The QA Workflows feature is focused on enhancing efficiency, productivity, and collaboration for your entire team right inside of PlexTrac. This feature, tied to the Reports module, enables editing, commenting, and proofreading — or QA — on all reports inside the platform. With QA Workflows, your team can collaborate on reports without ever needing to export to Word again!

Enjoy the following workflows available right in the platform: 

  • Commenting across Narratives and Findings
  • Tracking changes across Narratives and Findings
  • Accepting or rejecting formatting suggestions
  • Annotated readout view for a report viewer, allowing users to quickly scan, review, and accept or reject all edits and comments
  • Updated Report navigation to easily review and comment on an entire report inside the PlexTrac platform

Watch the Quality Assurance (QA) Workflows MiniDemo.


Interested in Seeing a Demo?

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Existing Customers: Updating Your Instance

If you are self-hosting your PlexTrac instance, gain access to all these enhancements by updating to the latest release using the procedures in our documentation. If we host your PlexTrac instance, you’ll receive the latest features according to your release schedule.

Have a question or need help? You can always drop us a line at support@plextrac.com. Feel like your issue would be better addressed with a screen share? Self-schedule a Zoom support slot for some additional help. If you schedule time with us, please use the notes section of the meeting or shoot us an email and let us know what we can help you with during the session!

We hope you enjoy all of these new features. If you missed our new feature roundup from fall, check it out here. And, if you have an idea for how PlexTrac can better support your needs, we’d love to hear from you on our user community suggestion box.