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Cobalt Integration

Today’s episode covers PlexTrac’s integration with Cobalt, a pentesting as a service (PTaaS) platform. This video showcases how easy it is to map, import, and interact with Cobalt data in PlexTrac.

Series: PlexTrac MiniDemo Series

Category: Integrations, Pentesting, Product Features



PlexTrac offers multiple integrations. These integrations allow you to aggregate data from multiple sources and turns PlexTrac into your one place for reporting and remediation. We’re excited to add Cobalt to that list. If you’re interested in using a PTaaS service or you’re already a Cobalt customer, you can now integrate those PTaaS reports into your PlexTrac reports. Let’s take a look at the integration. Once you’ve configured, we’ll give you a sneak peek here into the data that we’re passing in this integration. As you can see, the findings from your Cobalt pentest report can be integrated into your PlexTrac findings and report.

The finding title from Cobalt will be transformed into the PlexTrac title, and all of its associated data will come along. Here, let me show you what it looks like in a report. Okay, so here we are. We’ve determined a report structure in the PlexTrac platform, and we want to pull in our findings from a pentest report from Cobalt. All you’ll do is select from findings and use your integration selection here. We’ll import from Cobalt, and we’ll use our filtering to figure out which findings from which reports we want to implement into this report. And as I said, this may be a quarterly report.

You may have multiple pen test reports from your Cobalt instance that you want to pull into one particular PlexTrac report. PlexTrac always offers the ability to add additional tags to the findings and assets that you’re importing from any of your integrations.

Now that our findings are here in our report, we’ll take a look at an example. As you can see, we brought over the description and all of the details about this given finding as we’ve ingested this data into our PlexTrac report. And we’ll always show you the source. And this is important because PlexTrac supports the ability to implement or ingest findings from multiple sources.

Once your findings are in your PlexTrac report from here, you can take advantage of our tools for remediation, whether that’s linking to a Jira ticket, a ServiceNow ticket, or simply using our OutoftheBox tools to assign a finding to another PlexTrac user. We’re excited to offer this additional service in the PlexTrac platform. So again, if you are a Cobalt customer or you’re interested in a PTaaS service, this could be a great solution for you.