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Offer New Services. Grow Your Clientele.

Service expansion and enhancement made possible with PlexTrac

To stay competitive in a crowded industry, security service providers need to differentiate their offerings and grow their business.

Enter PlexTrac.

With PlexTrac, it’s easier than ever to introduce new offerings or expand on existing ones and complete more revenue-generating engagements. 

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How PlexTrac Enables Expansion

Use Runbooks to execute engagements with real-time collaboration. Seamlessly export findings and deliver reports via the Client Portal.

Give access to remediation tracking and data for historical comparison and trends via the Client Portal. PlexTrac ingests data from multiple sources and keeps it in one location for ease of use.

Communicate your client’s risk story generally and around specific attack vectors, and translate cyber risk to business risk using data aggregated through the platform.

Get visibility into testing and remediation progress with aggregated data in a single pane of glass. With all data available and consumable, you can see your client’s full security posture before work begins.

Expand into other types of pentesting while keeping all of your data under one umbrella. Typically each type of pentesting — external or internal networks, applications, etc. — requires its own toolset. PlexTrac accommodates this with a robust integration portfolio and the ability to ingest data from tools without an existing integration via CSV import.

Add a new service to track, validate, remediate and retest findings to the platform you’re already using to pull in scans and perform pentests. Remediators and pentesters collaborate using PlexTrac’s in-app status tracker and update the client on progress.

Complete third-party audits, compliance and assessments in PlexTrac, ensuring all data stays in one location. Have the PlexTrac team build out assessment reporting templates on your behalf, making it simple to add this service to your offerings.

Deliver robust analytics with your services as a part of continuous pentesting, scanning as a service, or a combination of services. Aggregate all data in one location for client interaction. The Client Portal enables interactive access to data at no additional cost, and you can sell this as a premium option within an offering.

PlexTrac enables more effective and efficient workflows in every service area so you can:

  • Complete more client engagements with existing resources.
  • Offer more comprehensive services at premium prices. 
  • Grow revenue from new services.

See what PlexTrac can do for you.


PlexTrac has enabled us to scale our services and has grown with us.”

—  JT Gaietto, Chief Security Officer, Digital Silence

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