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Findings Delivery and Validation for Service Providers 

Findings Delivery and Validation 

Give Clients Full Visibility into Remediation Progress with PlexTrac

For service providers, delivering findings and validation to clients remains an inefficient, manual process. Too often, findings are presented in a static format, communications about them require context shifting to various tools, and validation of remediation efforts can be nearly impossible to track. Solve the issues caused by manual processes with PlexTrac and you’ll expedite remediation tracking, ensure SLAs are met, and demonstrate ROI to clients.   

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Stand Out from the Service Provider Crowd with PlexTrac

PlexTrac enables service providers to streamline findings delivery and validation in a centralized platform making it easier to communicate, share data, and track remediation. Clients gain full visibility into project progress, which eliminates common problems related to inefficient remediation, ineffective communications, and inconsistent results.


PlexTrac Solution


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PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac gives clients instant access to information, retention of historical data, and an effective way to collaborate on remediation.



If the service provider is doing the remediation: Inefficient and manual communication processes result in higher MTTR, delayed SLAs, and a poor client experience.

PlexTrac Solution:

For service providers that do the remediation: PlexTrac centralizes client communication to drive faster MTTR, ensure SLAs are met, and provide a rich client experience.



If the client is doing the remediation: A static PDF report or spreadsheet is an inefficient starting point for the client to begin remediation once the engagement is complete. This, and other inefficiencies, slow down MTTR.

PlexTrac Solution:

For the client that does the remediation: The PlexTrac client portal provides an interactive platform through which the report can be digested and remediation progress tracked.



Without a method to track progress over time, it’s difficult to demonstrate ROI from services.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac captures historical data to enable comparison and track progress over time and across engagements with a client.



Inefficient manual retesting workflows result in longer retesting times and difficulty tracking validation efforts.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac streamlines the retesting workflow with status updates and automated notifications that eliminate inefficient communications.


Streamline Delivery and Validation Workflows with PlexTrac

The Service Provider and Client Collaborate Effectively from Published Finding to Retesting and Validation

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