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Analytics with Your Service

Analytics with Your Service

Differentiate Your Offerings with Real-Time Visibility for Clients via PlexTrac 

Security service providers are faced with two major challenges when differentiating and growing their business: providing value that retains clients and supports upsell and demonstrating that value to clients through improved security posture. Enabling clients to view and interact with all of their current and historical data and actively monitor and track progress is a major differentiator in accomplishing these goals. PlexTrac delivers this access via an interactive client portal to view data, pentests, continuous testing, assessments, and vulnerability scanning in one space. Giving clients direct access to usable data wins deals, enables providers to expand services, and increases client retention.

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Provide Robust Analytics and Visualizations Dynamically with PlexTrac

Dynamic findings and analytics delivery increases the value of deliverables and makes the results more actionable so clients can make and see real progress.


PlexTrac Solution


Service providers need to deliver greater value to clients and differentiate their service offerings from others in a highly competitive market.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac enables providers to give clients detailed, stored analytics as part of their service offering, from pentests, assessments, or a combination of integrations.



Service providers need to grow existing customer accounts by selling adjacent services.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac helps providers sell other services to existing clients, increasing revenue growth and customer lifetime value. Storing all of a client’s engagement data in one space incentivizes them to use one provider for multiple services.


Showing the value of recurring services such as continuous pentesting or scanning as a service is a challenge if the client can’t easily consume and compare the data. Selling recurring services is a big win for providers because it drives consistent, additional revenue.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac’s web-based portal, where clients log in and view all historical data from continuous pentesting or scanning, incentivizes them to transition to continuous validation. Providers rely on PlexTrac to manage this data so they can realize measurable ROI while increasing client satisfaction and retention.


Dynamic Analytics Delivery with PlexTrac

Upgrade Your Services by Providing Clients with Continuous Access to Data

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PlexTrac supercharges the efforts of cybersecurity teams of any size in the battle against attackers.

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