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Red Teams

Red Teams

Elevate Your Reporting

PlexTrac eliminates the drudgery of reporting so red teams can focus on what’s most important – identifying security issues. Reports may be exported to custom Word formats with the click of a button. PlexTrac can even serve as a purple teaming client portal by granting blue team members access with role-based controls.
A red teamer's job is to storm the castle of their target.

(PlexTrac) is a top 3 most important tool our red team uses. Only thing more important than PlexTrac is the vulnerability scanners. Our team is in PlexTrac multiple times a week if not a day.”

– Verified PlexTrac User

PlexTrac is a red teamer's top three most important tool
Use PlexTrac as a single interface for report generation and delivery

Penetration Test Reporting

Go Beyond the Document

Built to support Jinja2 syntax, PlexTrac’s reporting engine is the most powerful in the penetration testing industry. However, as a purple teaming platform we go beyond document-based reporting by providing a single interface through which red and blue teams can report and remediate.


Assessment Reporting

Clearly Communicate Risks

PlexTrac makes reporting less painful by eliminating much of the drudgery. Our Content Library allows you to store common narratives and findings so you don’t waste time searching, copying, and pasting from a previous report. Our templating engine allows you to set your format once and present your best work every time.

Use PlexTrac's content library to write one and reuse your findings across all reports and tests
Use PlexTrac's client portal to review findings, collaborate across teams and roles, and employ a living, breathing report

Client Portal

Add Value Between Reports

Go beyond document-based reports by offering your clients a web-based client portal through which they can review findings and collaborate on remediation. Client users may be given read only access control to reports at no additional cost.



Change Your Life as a Red Teamer with PlexTrac

PlexTrac eliminates the drudgery of reporting so Red Teams can focus on getting the real cybersecurity work done. This award-winning platform is the most powerful in the industry, cutting reporting time in half.