PlexTrac for Cybersecurity Teams

Optimize the Business of Purple Teaming

Cybersecurity teams have a challenging role. They must be everything to everyone while fitting seamlessly into companies for whom security is critical but not their reason for existence. Cybersecurity teams exist so their company can do business without interference. As part of larger organizations, these teams must balance offensive and defensive security strategies, work and communicate with stakeholders beyond the security team, and contend with differing priorities on processes and budget. 

What if you could streamline the communication across the entire security team so that every professional could do their job more efficiently? From simplified data aggregation to integrated ticketing for remediation to analytics and visualizations for board reporting, PlexTrac touches every aspect of the security management workflow. 

PlexTrac is the mechanism to help cybersecurity teams of all sizes go purple! Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to discover how PlexTrac serves internal security teams. Here’s a preview of the platform features we’ll highlight that practitioners from every role on an internal security team will love.

Red Team Data Aggregation for Cybersecurity Teams

Whether you outsource your offensive security or do some or all of it internally, you’re dealing with significant data from a variety of sources to gain insight into your security posture. Whether data comes from a pentest report or a variety of automated scanners, cybersecurity teams need to be able to make sense of information about vulnerabilities in order to prioritize the right remediation. 

With PlexTrac, security teams can integrate all their data sources — including automated scanners and manual pentesting activities — of information into one location. PlexTrac aggregates data from red team exercises and tools so it can be analyzed and communicated directly. Defensive operators can assign and track the remediation all within the platform. If security service provider partners are using PlexTrac, they can even move beyond the need for a static PDF or Word doc deliverable and instead deliver their results directly to the security team inside the PlexTrac platform.

Blue Team Remediation for Cybersecurity Teams

Many organizational cybersecurity teams already have workflow tools in place that help their blue teamers or IT analysts assign and manage remediation tasks. The challenge, and time suck, is then needing to manually populate ticketing tools like Jira and ServiceNow. If you have ever faced the pain of combing through hundreds of pages of a penetration test report and copy/pasting narratives into Jira tickets, then you know there needs to be a better way.

PlexTrac offers integrations with major workflow and ticketing systems, including Jira and ServiceNow. It’s both easy to configure and quick to create tickets out of findings in PlexTrac that will display in the systems you are already using.

Stakeholder Communication for Cybersecurity Teams

Beyond the concerns of red and blue workflows, security teams must also keep a finger on the pulse of their security posture as a whole. Leaders must be able to not only determine where to prioritize time and resources within the security team but also communicate about priorities to the C-suite, board, and other stakeholders outside the team.

PlexTrac’s Analytics Module gives cybersecurity teams the tool they need for analyzing the data from all their sources to gain a real-time view of security posture. Slice and dice the data by asset, level of criticality, and more. Granular analytics and visualizations help keep the teams and key decision makers informed.

Continuous Purple Teaming Assessments for Cybersecurity Teams

One of the most promising strategies used by mature cybersecurity programs to improve their security posture is continuous assessment through purple teaming. While there is plenty of evidence (see “Survey Says: Improve Your Security Posture by Purple Teaming”) to demonstrate that conducting purple teaming activities in short, iterative cycles is highly effective in identifying and remediating vulnerabilities, it can be challenging to know where to start. With the right tools, security teams can begin purple teaming activities regardless of program maturity and start reaping the benefits. 

PlexTrac’s Runbooks Module is best-in-industry for test plan execution. By using Runbooks for purple teaming activities, your team can script engagements, leverage frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK, and achieve precision and consistency in testing. Runbooks also makes it easy to triage, report, and visualize progress over time. 

It’s time to get down to the business of purple teaming and gain control over your security posture. We’ll showcase these features and more that make PlexTrac a must-have partner for cybersecurity teams. Can’t wait to see what PlexTrac can do for you? Book a demo today.

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