Continuous Purple Teaming Assessments

Optimize the Business of Purple Teaming

A recent survey of industry professionals revealed that 88 percent of purple teaming users — compared to only 52 percent of red/blue team users — say their exercises are “very effective” in defending their organization against ransomware and advanced attacks. 

Cybersecurity teams of every size and maturity need to start reaping the benefits of being purple. Adopting a continuous assessment mindset that prioritizes short, iterative cycles of adversary emulation activities can improve the security posture of any organization. But where to start can be daunting!

PlexTrac is the Purple Teaming Platform. It exists to improve collaboration and communication between offensive and defensive teams and to make continuous purple teaming assessments accessible for every security team. PlexTrac’s Runbooks Module is the best-in-industry solution for test plan execution. 

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A Platform Designed for Collaboration

Runbooks is a purple team module that allows you to get the best of both worlds (red and blue teams) in a pentesting engagement.

How to Create a Runbook Engagement in PlexTrac

Planning, executing, and reporting a purple team engagement in Runbooks couldn’t be simpler.

Step 1: Select TTPs

Go to the Runbooks tab under Runbooks and click “Create.” From here, you can select your TTPs.

The Review tab will show you which procedures you selected and will be included in your runbook each time you start an engagement.

Step 2: Input Data

After your engagement is started, you can now click into each procedure to input all your data.

An individual procedure has a Red Team tab and Blue Team tab. Here you can input exact execution steps for your team to complete, and you are provided multiple fields to include evidence to be included in your report.

Red team:

Blue team:

Step 3: Submit the Engagement to Report

Once all your procedures have been completed, submit your engagement, which then turns it into a report under the client you selected!

Purple Team with PlexTrac Runbooks

Reaping the benefits of continuous assessment and collaboration between teams is possible for every internal security team regardless of size or program maturity. With PlexTrac Runbooks, any team can start testing their defenses with proven adversary emulation plans on a platform designed to pull all the pieces together. 

Cybersecurity teams within organizations have to do it all. Continuous purple teaming assessment is the key to staying ahead of the threats and attesting to your defenses. Learn how cybersecurity teams of all sizes and maturities can go purple with PlexTrac.  

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