Standardize Tracking, Reporting, and Attestation.

PlexTrac provides vulnerability management teams a complete solution to continually assess and improve security posture. Robust analytics with PDF export make PlexTrac perfect for reporting and attestation.

Centralize Findings

Aggregate Findings from All Sources

View all findings in a single interface to get a 360-degree view of security posture. Include findings from audits, bug bounties, and scanners. 

Findings Status Tracker

Facilitate Resolution of Findings

Assign findings to team members and comment throughout the resolution life-cycle all within PlexTrac.

Jira Integration

Synchronize Comments in Jira

Integrate with Jira to create tickets for findings. Automatically synchronize comments made in Jira back to PlexTrac. 

Assessment Questionnaires

Centralize and Track Assessments

Use one of PlexTrac’s standard questionnaires or create custom ones. Store assessments in a single repository and track progress over time.

Analytics & Reports

Continually Assess Security Posture

Visualize aging and resolution of findings by severity level. Export visualizations to PDF for reporting and attestation purposes.

Supported Vulnerability Scanners