Blue Team Remediation

Optimize the Business of Purple Teaming

Most of the daily cybersecurity work falls under the blue team function — remediating vulnerabilities and maintaining systems.  Often those dealing with the results of penetration tests and automated scanners aren’t even considered part of the cybersecurity team but rather are IT analysts and other network and system administrators. 

Teams need efficient ways to communicate, track, and remediate findings from automated scanners and red team exercises. All that knowledge is useless if nothing ever happens with it. Many organizational cybersecurity teams already have workflow tools in place that help their blue teamers or IT analysts assign and manage remediation tasks. But identifying and moving the pertinent information from reports and scanning tools into a ticketing system is just one more bottle neck, particularly if those receiving the tasks aren’t dedicated cybersecurity team members. 

With PlexTrac, cybersecurity teams can make better use of the data and improve collaboration with everyone responsible for protecting the parameter. PlexTrac offers tracking and ticketing in the platform and simple integrations with major ticketing systems to make and track remediation progress.

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An Integrated Platform to Manage Remediation

With PlexTrac’s built in integrations with Jira and ServiceNow, you can coordinate workflows within the team and with the rest of the organization. PlexTrac makes it easy for users to find and use the information they need to get the right work done.

How to Use Jira and ServiceNow Integration in PlexTrac

It’s easy to set up and simple to use your preferred ticketing tool in PlexTrac.

Step 1: Locate Your Preferred Integration

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard. Under Account Admin, you’ll find the “Jira Cloud Integration” button under the Tools & Integrations section.

When you click on “Jira Cloud Integration,” you’ll see a brief description with some information on how to get started with setup.

From the same Account Admin screen, you’ll find the ServiceNow integration, which allows you to create a ServiceNow ticket and link it from within PlexTrac. When you click on this, you will  see a brief description of the ServiceNow Integration with some information on how to get started with setup.

Step 2: Configure the Integration

Whether using Jira or ServiceNow, you’ll see a “Configure Integration” button. 

When you click on the “Configure Jira Integration” button, you will see three fields. Fill them out and, if successful, you will see the green success bar at the top of the modal.

If using ServiceNow, click on the “Configure ServiceNow Integration” button to access the three fields for configuration. Fill them out and, if successful, you will see the green success bar at the top of the modal.

Step 3A: Create a Jira Ticket

To create a Jira ticket, navigate to a report, and you will see a couple of different areas for creating tickets.

The “+ Create Jira Tickets for Report” button will generate a Jira ticket for whichever Jira project you select.

You can also select multiple tickets and use the bulk selection dropdown to get to the same Jira project selection modal.

Finally, you can click on an individual finding, then click on the Status button, and create a ticket for this one finding.

Step 3B: Create a ServiceNow Ticket

To create a ticket with ServiceNow Now, navigate to a report, click on a finding to open the modal, and click on Status.

Here you can see the available fields for your ServiceNow ticket creation. Click Save and your ticket is now created!

Track and Manage Remediation with PlexTrac Integrations

Assuring the work gets done doesn’t have to be so hard. Easily integrate the ticketing tools your blue teamers and analysts are already using into PlexTrac for streamlined workflow from finding to fix.

Cybersecurity teams within organizations have to do it all. Effective communication of the most critical vulnerabilities between red and blue team roles is imperative to move the needle on security posture. Learn how cybersecurity teams of all sizes and maturities can go purple with PlexTrac.  

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