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Stakeholder Communication

Optimize the Business of Purple Teaming

Cybersecurity teams within organizations are responsible not only for keeping the crown jewels secure but also for planning, communicating, and justifying their strategies to various constituents both internally and externally. It’s easy to feel pulled in many directions or to want to take the “just trust us” approach.

Being able to easily view the analytics of your security posture is a much better way to create a security strategy, allocate and lobby for resources, and keep all constituents informed. Whether prioritizing the most critical findings for the blue team analysts or communicating a macro-level view to the C-suite, teams need to track signal through the noise.

With PlexTrac, cybersecurity teams can gain a real-time view of their security posture with robust analytics. PlexTrac’s Analytics Module lets you slice and dice your data with infinite filtering to tailor the view to the needs of the audience and track progress over time.

To learn more, check out our blog to learn how PlexTrac can help cybersecurity teams optimize the business of purple teaming.

One Platform to Produce Analytics for Constituents

The Analytics Module enables users to view and visualize vulnerability data at all levels of detail  — from a single tag on a finding to a summary of risks and vulnerabilities across the organization.

How to View Analytics of Findings in PlexTrac

Creating robust yet understandable analytics and visualizations of your findings in PlexTrac is quick and easy.

Step 1: Filter to Find Data

In the Analytics Module, you’ll see four tabs: Findings, Assets, Runbooks, Trends.

Open the Findings tab and select one or more filters on the right hand panel to get the data you’re looking for.

Step 2: View the Analytics or Apply More Filters

Parse your finding however necessary to get the information and view needed. The example below shows findings filtered by two different clients and a severity of “Critical.”

Adding back in “High” and “Medium” severity findings and removing the sample client provides a different view.

Step 3: Clear to View More Analytics

Select “Clear All” on the top right to reset to the broadest view of findings data. Add new filters to instantly see new breakdowns and visualizations of information.

Communicate Your Security Posture Using PlexTrac Analytics

Whether strategizing and allocating resources or attesting to your security posture and program, cybersecurity teams need to harness their data in a meaningful way. PlexTrac Analytics is the answer to understanding your most critical issues at a glance.

Cybersecurity teams within organizations have to do it all. Visualization and attestation of your security posture customized to the needs of all stakeholders is key to program strategy. Learn how cybersecurity teams of all sizes and maturities can go purple with PlexTrac.

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