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Security Leaders

Security Leaders

Build a Proactive Cybersecurity Program

PlexTrac is the single source of truth for security leaders. By bringing the data from all vulnerability scanners, outsourced engagements, and security assessments into one platform, CISOs gain the visibility they need to understand their security posture. Prioritize resources, drive efficiency, strategize response, and become more proactive with PlexTrac.
The complete cybersecurity of your organization is a real beast.

PlexTrac saves our team so much time by automating the manual process of gathering data and building reports from scratch. It’s a fantastic platform for tracking events and capturing artifacts. It is a smart system for managing all our cybersecurity operations and there’s still a lot of potential that we have yet to tap into.”

— Head of Security Intelligence, Fortune 100 Insurance Company

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Analyze and execute on security tests with PlexTrac

360-Degree Visibility

Gain a Real-Time View of Security Posture

Improve visibility into security posture with PlexTrac by consolidating data sources. Powerful analytics support quick assessments and prioritization, creating more effective workflows. Robust filtering allows for effortless options in viewing and communicating your data.


Proactive Strategy

Assess. Track. Measure.

Level up your team’s capabilities with PlexTrac. Regardless of size, resources, or maturity, teams can take steps to improve defenses against imminent threats. PlexTrac is the perfect platform to conduct proactive engagements by tracking tactics, visualizing metrics, supporting communication, and measuring remediation.

Getting ahead of threats is only possibly if you know what you're up against
Test, iterate, and improve your security posture

Purple Teaming

Demonstrate Progress Over Time

PlexTrac empowers you to deploy a purple teaming strategy. Use Runbooks to facilitate tabletop exercises, red team engagements, breach and attack simulations, adversary emulation, and pentest automation to improve communication and collaboration. PlexTrac provides the platform to measure real progress and demonstrate real results.


Adopt a Proactive Security Strategy with PlexTrac

Check out our research report entitled The Power of Purple Teaming to learn how organizations across industries are improving their security posture against increasingly sophisticated threats with purple teaming.

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