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Risk Management

Third-Party Risk Management

Understand External Risks

Situational awareness of internal risk is insufficient. It is imperative to also know the risks third-party organizations, including clients and vendors, pose to your organization. PlexTrac was built to aggregate both internal and external security risk, as well as catalyze collaboration on remediation.
Identify your threats and tame them to enhance your security posture
Conduct and optimize your third-party assessments in PlexTrac

Assessment Questionnaires

Discover Risks in Clients, Customers, and Vendors

PlexTrac streamlines the process of third-party assessments by both making it easy to share assessments with third parties to complete and automatically generating reports of findings from the submission of questionnaires.


Role-Based Access Controls

Collaborate with Third Parties to Remediate Findings

Empower third parties to track every finding from your assessments and collaborate on remediation. By licensing their own tenancy of PlexTrac, third parties may integrate ticketing systems to streamline their entire remediation workflow.

Use QA Workflows inside of PlexTrac to collaborate with third-parties and work most efficiently
Use PlexTrac's Status Tracker to monitor posture and see your team's work in real-time

Status Tracker

Monitor Progress and Get Notified of Fixes

PlexTrac’s status tracker allows blue teams to collaborate on remediation by assigning findings, commenting on findings, and updating remediation statuses. By integrating with Jira or ServiceNow, comments and statuses can synchronize between PlexTrac and ticketing systems.


Writing A Killer Penetration Test Report

You may have l33t skillz on the command line, but can you communicate through the written word?

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