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PlexTrac New Feature Roundup: Fall 2021

QA Workflows, Autosave, Asset Analytics, and MORE!

December 21, 2021

As Christmas lights get hung and the year draws closer to an end, the PlexTrac development team continues its work on new features, functionality, and integrations that save you even more time and solidify PlexTrac as the best-in-class cybersecurity workflow management platform.

With the holiday season in progress it may already feel like winter… but we want to take  a moment to look back on the fall and recap the vast improvements made to the platform. The features we’re highlighting are already available or will be coming very soon. As always, for more detailed information, check out our Release Notes page on our documentation site.

If you missed our new feature roundup from summer, check it out here. This release shares details on attack path visualization (APV), new integrations, short codes, and more!

Quality Assurance (QA) Workflows

Quality assurance (QA) workflows are focused on enhancing efficiency, productivity and collaboration for your entire team right inside of PlexTrac. This feature, tied to the Reports module, enables editing, commenting, and proofreading, or QA, on all reports inside the platform. With QA workflow, your team can collaborate on reports without ever needing to export to Word again!

The following workflows have been added to PlexTrac:

  • Commenting across Narratives and Findings
  • Tracking changes across Narratives and Findings
  • Accepting or rejecting formatting suggestions
  • Annotated readout view for a report viewer, allowing users to quickly scan, review, and accept or reject all edits and comments
  • Updated Report navigation to easily review and comment on an entire report inside the PlexTrac platform


With PlexTrac’s new Autosave functionality, users never have to worry about losing work on the platform again! You and your team’s work on Narratives and Findings is now automatically saved.

Asset Analytics

PlexTrac’s Asset Analytics functionality is the newest addition to the Analytics module inside of the platform. Asset Analytics provides you with an at-a-glance overview of every asset in your (or your clients’) company, by level of criticality, to help you better and more quickly identify where the most important vulnerabilities are.

Asset Analytics makes it easy to filter assets by up to 12 different data points, including client, tags, reports, location, and more. Additionally, you can see detailed findings associated with your assets, determine how many of your assets have vulnerabilities, and triage vulnerabilities from the asset perspective.

*NOTE* Asset Analytics functionality is only available with a paid Analytics subscription. Contact Customer Success if you would like to learn more.

WriteupsDB Improvements

Security consultants will be happy to know that PlexTrac’s Writeups Database (DB) has seen massive improvements throughout the fall that continue to help users create better security reports in half the time.

The biggest improvements to the WriteupsDB include the following:

  • Custom field templates that allow for streamlined custom field additions
  • Bulk updates to the database, streamlining the addition and deletion of tags, and the application of a custom field template

Additional Enhancements

  • The addition of dynamic filtering
  • Improvements to tables, including the formatting of borders
  • The addition of headers 4-6 on CK editor
  • Various improvements to Assets on the platform
    • It is more intuitive to report on web assets on our platform than ever before! You can add the URL, vulnerable parameters, and even have them automatically parsed as you fill in your affected assets
    • You can now add evidence and notes at the affected asset level. If you have something you need to say about that asset in the context of the finding, PlexTrac has you covered
      • Ability to manually add ports and services to affected assets
      • URL/URI parsing for affected assets
      • Ability to update & create affected assets, including notes and evidence
      • Improved ability to report on WebApp asset

Updating Your Instance

If you are self-hosting your PlexTrac instance, gain access to all these enhancements by updating to the latest release using the procedures in our documentation. If we host your PlexTrac instance, you’ll receive the latest features according to your release schedule.

Have a question or need help? You can always drop us a line at Feel like your issue would be better addressed with a screen share? Self-schedule a Zoom support slot for some additional help. If you schedule time with us, please use the notes section of the meeting or shoot us an email and let us know what we can help you with during the session!

We hope you enjoy all of these new features. And, if you have an idea for how PlexTrac can better support your needs, we’d love to hear from you!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

The PlexTrac Team

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