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OnDefend Integrates with PlexTrac to Deliver Threat-Informed Penetration Testing

Use OnDefend Powered by PlexTrac to Leverage Global Threat Intelligence in Your Pentests 

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA and BOISE, IDAHO — February 15, 2023 — OnDefend, a critical partner of security service firms and corporations throughout the US and around the world, using the power of PlexTrac, the premier cybersecurity reporting and collaboration platform, presents a groundbreaking security offering to customers and partners through threat-informed penetration testing (TIP). 

TIP is the next generation in penetration testing that leverages global threat intelligence about specific emerging adversaries targeting your industry to provide valuable insight on how your environment will respond. TIP safely tests the exact tactics and techniques of the threats your leadership and organization are concerned about. 

Through an in-depth API integration, OnDefend can now offer customers their automated breach and attack simulation (BAS) solution, BlindSPOT, with seamless  remediation management and retesting through PlexTrac Runbooks. OnDefend’s BlindSPOT enables you to execute attack activity on your client’s production network environments for more consistent and real-world practice against adversaries.   PlexTrac’s Runbooks supports the planning, execution, reporting, and remediation tracking of your red teaming, purple teaming, or adversary emulation activities. 

Using OnDefend and PlexTrac together make TIP actionable for your team by 

  • Leveraging OnDefend’s seasoned red team to emulate the specific threats actors of your company’s choosing 
  • Automatically delivering results via API to PlexTrac for comprehensive reporting and remediation management 
  • Performing remediation retesting via PlexTrac Runbooks, selecting BlindSPOT, OnDefend’s Breach and Attack Simulation solution, to guide the testing

Watch an on-demand webinar from OnDefend and PlexTrac to learn more about the value of threat-informed pentesting and see the BlindSPOT/Runbooks integration in action. 

Watch Threat-Informed Pentesting: The First Step to Continuous Assessment

About OnDefend

OnDefend empowers the information security industry through its cutting-edge technological innovations and battle tested professional services team. By solving the problems that the cyber security industry has not solved, OnDefend has become a critical partner of security service firms and corporations throughout the US and around the world. Whether it’s their next generation SaaS offerings of BlindSPOT and Confirm4Me or their seasoned security team leveraged by partners to meet market service demand, OnDefend has enabled cyber security firms to extend their capacities and corporations to secure their future. To learn more, visit

About PlexTrac

PlexTrac, Inc. is the premier penetration test reporting and proactive cybersecurity management platform driven by a mission to help teams win the right cybersecurity battles. PlexTrac makes security data aggregation, red and blue team reporting, purple team collaboration, and remediation tracking more effective and efficient so security teams can become more proactive and demonstrably improve security posture. To learn more, visit

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