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Boise State University Partners with PlexTrac to Resource its Cyberdome Project

PlexTrac Donates its Platform for Students to Provide Cybersecurity Services to Rural Idaho Communities

BOISE, IDAHO — July 12, 2022 — PlexTrac, the premier cybersecurity reporting and collaboration platform, and Boise State University’s Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity announced their new partnership to supply PlexTrac to students and participants in the Cyberdome Project. PlexTrac is pleased to donate its platform for students performing critical cybersecurity work through this program to benefit rural Idaho organizations in managing their security posture. 

The Cyberdome is Boise State’s newest cyber initiative, a collaborative hub for competency-based training, with the mission of reducing cyber risk in rural communities and helping expand the cyber workforce in sync with Idaho’s business, technology and government sectors.

PlexTrac is the number one platform for managing all phases of penetration testing so organizations can identify and prioritize risks and make measurable progress in becoming more secure. Users of PlexTrac cut penetration test reporting time in half and deliver more value to clients through better collaboration and remediation tracking. Additionally, PlexTrac supports offensive and purple teaming engagements so organizations of any size can measurably improve their security posture.

PlexTrac’s mission is to ensure cybersecurity teams win the right security battles. PlexTrac’s founder and CEO, Dan DeCloss, is an Idaho native and sees this partnership as a perfect opportunity to give back to the local community in a way that aligns with PlexTrac’s mission and values. The partnership will both improve the cybersecurity posture of Idaho organizations and level up the skills and marketability of the Boise State students preparing to enter the workforce as cybersecurity professionals. 

About Boise State University’s Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity

Boise State University’s Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity is a leader of innovative cybersecurity research and advancement in Idaho and the region. The Institute welcomes and facilitates strategic partnerships with industry, higher education, business and government to improve cybersecurity for Idaho and the nation. The Institute also works to commercialize ground-breaking research and tools, and educate graduates to become the change-makers and forward-thinkers of the 21st century.

About PlexTrac, Inc.

PlexTrac, Inc. ( is a fast-growing cybersecurity software company driven by a mission to improve the security posture of organizations and security teams of all sizes. The PlexTrac solution is a software platform focused on streamlining the reporting and remediation of cybersecurity risks and aiding efficient collaboration within security teams. Supporting organizations using a purple teaming paradigm, PlexTrac serves as the central communication hub to aggregate all of the components of an organization’s cybersecurity program. 

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