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Case Study Highlights

Core Networks Information Security Doubles Service Capacity With PlexTrac

A security consultancy gains exponential return on investment by automating its penetration test reporting

The Challenge

Limited growth potential due to excessive time spent reporting

Albert Mimo, president of Core Networks, felt the pain of inefficient pentest reporting both as a practitioner and a business owner.

The Solution

An automated pentest reporting solution to save time and improve report quality

Managing their pentest in PlexTrac not only saves Core Networks significant time, it also improves the client experience by allowing for dynamic delivery of findings.

The Results

Immediate return on investment with increased capacity for pentesting services

“PlexTrac saves us so much time in our pentest reporting that it more than pays for itself — it makes us money in additional work we can take on and better value we can provide.”

Core Networks is an information security consulting company that concentrates on preparing organizations to withstand the latest threats and rapidly recover from security incidents. Core Networks specializes in all types of pentesting including web application, network, cloud security, and more.

Business Type: Security Service Provider

Headquarters: Connecticut, USA

Increased Capacity

Immediate ROI

More Value for Clients

PlexTrac has enabled us to comfortably schedule 50% to 100% more pentest engagements than we were able to before.”

Albert Mimo

Senior Information Security Consultant and Owner, Core Networks