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Customer Success Is the Secret to Success

PlexTrac’s Customer Support Provides the Best in Onboarding, Product Support, and Beyond

Customer Service: an often-misused term, frequently promised but less frequently provided. Too often, companies talk up their commitment to their customers in their sales pitches and websites, only to offer the bare minimum of assistance. 

PlexTrac strives to be different, to offer a level of consistent customer service that sets it apart from the competition. We’ve created a customized support structure that provides each of our clients with efficient and personalized solutions. In fact, PlexTrac’s support goes so far beyond average that we call it Customer Success!

How do we go beyond the competition to best serve you? Let’s take a closer look at our customer success strategy.

Your Personal Guide to Success

This scenario might sound familiar to you.

You’ve thoroughly researched a series of products, looked at the promotional material, talked to some salespeople, compared the numbers, and finally selected the best fit for you and your company. You make the purchase, start the installation… and something goes wrong. You reach out to the sellers, and receive a canned reply with links to an unhelpful FAQ page. Hours or days pass while you wait for the answer you need, and you haven’t even started using the product yet!

At PlexTrac, we want to make sure that you have the support you need the moment you become a customer. Enter one of our secret weapons: the Customer Success Manager.

As soon as you sign up with us, you will be assigned a Customer Success Manager (CSM), a platform expert who will guide you from onboarding to full implementation, and beyond. Your CSM will be your primary point of contact for all of your interactions with PlexTrac, making sure that you get the help you need as soon as possible. In addition to setup and troubleshooting, your CSM will also provide you and your team with live initial and recurring training on newly released features and regular video check-ins throughout your relationship with PlexTrac to ensure that all of your needs are met.

A Customized Experience

We believe that a one-size-fits-all approach just leads to compromises and that our customers deserve better. That’s why we’ve developed our White Glove templating service.

When you start your partnership with PlexTrac, you will be able to select a service level option for the reporting feature: you can choose to take full control of the reporting settings yourself (with our Self-Serve Templating portal), or you can let PlexTrac’s Professional Services create a bespoke reporting experience for you.

With the White Glove service, our team of experienced Jinja2 developers create bespoke code for a near pixel-perfect representation of your existing reporting methodology. Customers who select this service will have full support from this team for any needed revisions in the event of re-branding, or if you simply need to change your reporting style.

Choosing to handle reporting methodologies yourself will save you money but it doesn’t mean that you’re on your own. PlexTrac’s Professional Services Team, led by an information security reporting expert, has coded over 1,000 templates. They’ve turned this experience into a growing template library with basic templates for the most common security reports that you can white label for your organization and modify for your own use case — no coding knowledge required!  If you get stuck, we can help with implementation. 

Whatever your organization size, budget, and templating needs, our team can help you create a customized, professional report that aligns with industry best practices. 

Keeping an Eye on Things

Our Customer Portal provides a unified experience for documentation and support requests. Through the portal, you and your team members can raise support tickets and label them by type, ensuring that your requests get to the correct team. And after those tickets are started, the portal lets you keep an eye on your tickets’ status.

The portal also offers a regularly updated collection of Wiki-style Knowledge Base articles that cover all angles of PlexTrac platform use. More than just an FAQ page, these articles provide detailed explanations that lead you step-by-step to the desired outcomes.

Answers You Can Trust

PlexTrac prides itself on making your technical support calls a helpful experience.

When you talk to our tech support team, you’ll quickly realize that you’re talking to an expert. We ensure that all of the team members are well-trained and fluent not only with our product but with our customers’ needs. In fact, our customers regularly mention our skilled tech support team as one of the most valued components of their relationship with us.

The PlexTrac tech support team stands ready to help our clients with any of their needs, and their skills go far beyond mere troubleshooting. The team ensures that our SaaS-hosted environments always exceed 99.99% uptime, help clients innovate their standard operations within the PlexTrac platform, and much more — we even have a dedicated API support engineer who can help guide you through the process of developing against our API and provide assistance with scripting.

Whatever your needs may be, our tech support team stands ready with the knowledge and experience needed to quickly meet your needs.

Keeping You On Top of Things

In addition to direct resources, we are regularly offering and updating topic-based resources to help you get the most out of PlexTrac.

Head over to our website and glean helpful information from our technical documentation, blog posts, and white papers. If you’re looking for the latest industry trends and product tips, we regularly broadcast webinars in collaboration with partner companies and industry experts. And our YouTube channel offers a wide range of videos on cybersecurity practices, industry news, PlexTrac features, and much more.

We update our offerings weekly, so you can always be sure of finding something new to learn.

When Only the Best Will Do

We aim to offer our customers not only the best cybersecurity reporting and collaboration platform, but also the best support in the industry. We take our customers’ needs and feedback seriously, and we are constantly refining our customer SUCCESS system to make the PlexTrac experience second to none.

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