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5 Efficiency-Driving Features in PlexTrac

These Seemingly Minor Functions Pack a Major Time-Saving Punch

Our primary value proposition at PlexTrac is that using our platform significantly increases efficiency and effectiveness for cybersecurity service providers and internal teams. We do this with a platform specifically designed for cybersecurity reporting, collaboration, and workflow management. And you don’t have to take our word for it: 

“PlexTrac saves our team so much time by automating the manual process of gathering data and building reports from scratch. It’s a fantastic platform for tracking events and capturing artifacts. It is a smart system for managing all our cybersecurity operations and there’s still a lot of potential that we have yet to tap into.” — Head of security intelligence, enterprise cyber security at a Fortune 100 insurance company

“PlexTrac enables the team to produce higher quality findings to our stakeholders faster.” — Security assessment team lead at a Fortune 100 apparel company 

“With PlexTrac, we’ve increased the efficiency and consistency of our report writing process. Our engineers are relieved of some tedious and repeated tasks so they can spend more time interacting with and bringing value to the client, all while maintaining a leaner team.” — Brandon Potter, chief technology officer at ProCircular, cybersecurity consulting firm

You may be thinking, “That’s nice, but how does PlexTrac actually increase efficiency so much?” We do it by automating as many manual steps in the reporting process as possible, managing content storage, access, and reusability, and paying attention to the details that streamline the workflow. 

This blog outlines a few of those detailed functions that set PlexTrac apart. 

If you haven’t met PlexTrac yet, let us introduce you to the premier cybersecurity reporting and collaboration platform. 

Minor Features, Major Impact

You probably already know that PlexTrac boosts efficiency and effectiveness by up to 60% throughout the cybersecurity workflow. But you may not know about some of the platform’s lesser-known functions that make exponential time savings possible. These automation powerhouses are game-changers for producing high-quality reports faster. 

1. Quality Assurance (QA) Workflows

Quality Assurance (QA) Workflows enable editing, commenting, and proofreading — or QA — on all reports inside the platform. Ensure every writeup and narrative is edited to perfection, and everyone who needs to review can easily provide their feedback right in the platform. 

2. Bulk Actions

Bulk actions are available across the PlexTrac platform. Simply put, bulk actions are a way to select multiple reports, findings, content segments, etc., and perform an action on all of them simultaneously. Need to change several reports from “draft” to “published”? No problem! How about adding source tags to a bunch of findings? Absolutely. 

New bulk actions are now available within findings and affected assets for a more consistent experience across the platform. Within an asset, you may now bulk edit status and delete or assign asset findings. Within a finding, you may now bulk delete affected assets.

3. Short Codes

With Short Codes, you never again have to worry about forgetting to update a client name or failing to replace a piece of data in your report template! Short Codes are a powerful time-saver in PlexTrac, enabling you to rapidly replace pre-defined special strings in your report with values you define. Custom Short Codes can pull data from either Report Custom Fields or Client Custom Fields. In addition, PlexTrac features several built-in Short Codes that pull data from non-custom fields. Short Codes make ensuring customization and consistency throughout your report template a cinch.

4. CVSS Vulnerability Scoring Calculator

PlexTrac offers a full CVSS v3.1 calculator that quickly determines the vulnerability score for each finding you uncover during the pentest. CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) provides a unified way to gauge the level of severity of a finding. It is owned by FIRST and used with permission. The PlexTrac CVSS calculator is based on the official FIRST CVSS documentation. It enables accurate and transparent scoring of vulnerabilities, offering environmental and temporal scoring adjustments using calculations you can easily calibrate to best serve your report and your client’s needs and can be manually adjusted if needed. 

Additionally, the CVSS scoring data is now in tables and analytics across the platform, enabling users to sort and filter by risk scores. Other scoring framework options are also available in the platform, and all scoring data can be overridden if necessary.

5. Bulk Paste Assets

With the functionality to bulk paste assets, you can quickly copy and paste a list of affected assets to add to a finding within the report view. PlexTrac will automatically match your list to existing assets, create new assets, and break out any child assets separately. Review the final list and uncheck any unneeded assets. Asset management just got way easier. You’re welcome.

Spend More Time Hacking and Less Time Reporting

PlexTrac’s thoughtfully designed and fully supported platform enables you to do just that! Reporting and attestation are obviously essential steps in the cybersecurity workflow, but if you can deliver better information faster to your stakeholders, then you can put more time and energy toward the real cybersecurity work — the actual hacking, testing and fixing.

These are just a few of the key features in PlexTrac that boost efficiency and effectiveness. Ready to see how the platform will transform how your team works? Book your personalized demo today. 

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