There's a PlexTrac for Every Security Team

From One-Person Consultancies to Large Security Enterprises

PlexTrac’s mission is to empower and equip every security professional to identify and accomplish the right security work. That is all well and good, but PlexTrac can’t be for everyone… right?

The truth is really quite simple — If you work in the cybersecurity industry, there are PlexTrac features that were made for you. Are you a one or two person consultancy? Are you a MSSP or a service provider? Do you work for an SMB or on a large enterprise security team? Check, check, check, check, and check… We’ve got you covered.

Don’t believe us? We’re here to set the record straight and prove that, while PlexTrac is the premier security reporting platform on the market, there’s much more to the Purple Teaming Platform than meets the eye.

Better reports. Deeper assessments. More insights. Deliver results with PlexTrac.

There's a PlexTrac for every security team — Whether you're a red teamer or blue teamer, trying to establish a purple team, or in the governance, risk, and compliance space.

Red Teamers

Your best red teamers should be spending the bulk of their time hacking, not stuck in documentation. Do you need a platform to help facilitate your red teaming activities? Whether you’re doing internal pentesting, conducting proactive security assessments, or managing a lucrative bug bounty program, PlexTrac is the premier platform for red teamers.

PlexTrac elevates the reporting capabilities, helping security teams of all sizes deliver better reports in less time. To get a deep dive of PlexTrac for Red Teamers, click here.

Blue Teamers

As the line of defense against nefarious adversaries, blue teamers need a platform to help bring order to the chaos caused by data overload. Whether you’re an ultimate threat hunter, managing a vulnerability management program, or looking to establish a living risk register, PlexTrac equips blue teamers like no other platform in the industry. 

PlexTrac is the platform to help blue teamers aggregate their security data, remediate their security findings, and communicate results to the rest of the team and the CISO. To learn more about the value of PlexTrac for Blue Teamers, click here.

Purple Teamers

As is often stated in the cybersecurity industry, purple teaming is a role not a job. At PlexTrac we believe everyone should go purple. PlexTrac enables purple teaming for everyone by providing a centralized platform on which red and blue teams can collaborate and execute — whether that’s performing adversary emulation, importing breach and attack simulation (BAS) results, or conducting proactive tabletop exercises.

The purple teaming paradigm lives in PlexTrac. For CISOs and security leads that manage all aspects of offensive and defensive security and need a real time view of security posture, PlexTrac is the ultimate tool. Want to learn more about PlexTrac’s role as a workflow management and collaboration platform? Download our white paper on Effective Purple Teaming here.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Professionals

And if PlexTrac being a solution for red, blue, and purple teams wasn’t enough, the platform is also a powerful tool for those focused on governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). PlexTrac’s Assessments Module is the industry standard for conducting any range of security assessments. Want to focus on popular frameworks like NIST, CMMC, or SOC2? We’ve got you covered. Additionally, the platform supports completely custom questionnaires, offering users an experience that’s equal parts powerful and flexible.

Collect your data, refine and enrich the results, and generate reports directly in PlexTrac.

There’s a PlexTrac for Every Security Team

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Better reports. Deeper assessments. More insights. Deliver results with PlexTrac.

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