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Blue Teams

Blue Teams

Aggregate. Remediate. Communicate.

PlexTrac offers blue teams a platform to consolidate security findings. Findings may be sliced and diced with infinite flexibility. Our status tracker and integrations with ticketing systems mean findings can be reported and remediated in the same interface. No more 500-page penetration test reports. No more copying and pasting, or painful integrations. And no more untracked issues.
Blue Teams have the unenvious task of defending and remediating all threats to an organization's security posture
Manage threats and vulnerabilities to mitigate risk and improve security posture

Vulnerability Management

Aggregate Security Issues from All Sources

PlexTrac is the perfect platform to aggregate security issues and vulnerabilities. Import scanner findings, conduct assessments, and integrate bug bounty tools to create a 360 degree view of your security posture. Visualize your posture in our analytics module to drive faster decision making.



Streamline Remediation Efforts 

See a snapshot of everything assigned to you upon logging in to the main dashboard via actionable widgets. View, update, and close findings directly from the dashboard view.

Remediation Tracking

Ticketing Integrations

Our built in integrations with Jira and ServiceNow make it easy for you to continue running existing workflows that are already in place. Coupled with our analytics trends and SLAs, you now gain visibility into your remediation efforts to see how you are trending over time.


Bug Bounty Programs

Streamline Bug Reporting

Regardless of where you input bug reports, PlexTrac is the perfect platform for aggregating findings from bug bounty programs. Track the progress of your bug bounty program and visualize results in PlexTrac.

Being aware of and mitigating threats is the name of the game in cybersecurity

Third-Party Risk Management

Understand External Risk

Situational awareness of internal risk is insufficient. It is imperative to also know the risks third-party organizations, including clients and vendors, pose to your organization. PlexTrac was built to aggregate both internal and external security risk, as well as catalyze collaboration on remediation.


Board Reporting

Tell the Story of Your Security Posture

PlexTrac’s reporting and analytics provide a medium through which to communicate the outcomes of investments made in your security program. They support constructive communication by painting a picture that is easy for executives to understand.

Collect, report, and remediate using PlexTrac and its many features inside Analytics


Change Your Life as a Blue Teamer with PlexTrac

PlexTrac offers blue teams a powerful platform to aggregate, remediate, and communicate security findings in one central location. These findings can then be further parsed with infinite flexibility.