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Case Studies

Case Studies

Learn how actual users of PlexTrac find value in the many solutions the platform provides.

These testimonials describe PlexTrac success stories from both consultancies and enterprises alike.

Digital Silence Increases Service Margins and Expands Service Offerings with PlexTrac

“PlexTrac saved time and gave a central content storage area for everyone to access. The environment is constantly changing. As we change to meet it and provide that feedback to PlexTrac, the PlexTrac team has been super supportive and responsive. Having a partner that can run as fast as the industry is a game changer.”

— Digital Silence Chief Security Officer, JT Gaietto

Richey May Technology Solutions Reduces Time to Complete an Engagement by 20% with PlexTrac

“If you’re a cybersecurity professional looking for a platform to track and report your findings and assessments, you gotta go with PlexTrac. If you like doing your own custom assessment with your own questions and reporting, you can do that on PlexTrac. Or if you want to use one from your industry to expedite the process you can do that too, rather than lugging an Excel spreadsheet around.”

— Richey May Cybersecurity Architect, Arnel Manalo

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