PlexTrac for Blue Teamers

There’s a PlexTrac for Every Security Team

In American Football, the saying that “the best offense is a good defense” definitely still holds true when applied to the cybersecurity industry. Defenders are responsible for protecting our most valuable assets and remediating vulnerabilities that, if taken advantage of, could gut an entire security posture.

Blue teamers need a platform to aggregate, remediate, and communicate with their peers. PlexTrac is that platform for the blue teamer.

There’s a PlexTrac for Everyone is a blog series designed to show the depth and versatility that makes PlexTrac the mission critical platform for security teams of all shapes and sizes. This time around, we’re going to be diving deep into blue team functionality, including the idea of a living risk register, vulnerability management programs, and threat hunting.

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Living Risk Register: Real-time Posture Monitoring

There are endless benefits to maintaining a proactive posture when compared to a reactive one. And one of the best ways to build towards a proactive paradigm is to employ a living risk register that allows you to monitor your security posture in real time and to track the blue team’s remediation efforts. Let’s dive deeper into PlexTrac’s risk register use case.

First off, PlexTrac’s ability to ingest data from all of blue team’s most popular tools ensures that data silos are a thing of the past. This connectivity ensures that PlexTrac serves as your security tech stack centerpiece, one platform to rule (or ingest) them all.

Once your data is in PlexTrac, the fun begins! Findings and other security data are easily sliced and diced with powerful filters on PlexTrac. These filters let you focus on areas of importance or prioritize by severity, giving your security team an informed risk register to prioritize and execute.

Finally, with PlexTrac’s Status Tracker you’re able to collaborate on remediation by assigning findings, commenting on findings, and updating remediation statuses as they change. These comments and statuses also integrate with ticketing systems like Jira and ServiceNow, ensuring consistent and teamwide security workflow sharing.

All in all, with PlexTrac, blue teamers get a platform to manage and prioritize risk with data-driven knowledge AND track remediation efforts in one centralized platform. But that’s not all when it comes to blue team functionality …

Vulnerability Management Programs: 360 Degree Vision

When talking about a vulnerability management platform, awareness is vital to ensure that vulnerabilities are prioritized and remediated and that the team is able to maintain an up-to-date attack surface. With PlexTrac, your vulnerability management team is able to aggregate findings from all of your sources and create powerful visualizations.

For starters, PlexTrac has a vast number of integrations with many of the most popular scanning tools. Findings from Burp, Nessus, Nexpose, Qualys, Tenable, and many more are easily brought into The Purple Teaming Platform. Additionally, BAS tool data from popular sources like Core Impact and SCYTHE are also supported. PlexTrac’s vast connectivity ensures vulnerability management teams have a 360 degree view of their security posture in our Analytics module.

Additionally, PlexTrac’s Asset Analytics functionality ensures that you have a view of all vulnerabilities across multiple hosts. These findings can be consolidated into an “asset view” where they’re aggregated regardless of where the risk was found. PlexTrac will also automatically create new asset objects when detected in a scan import.

Lastly, let’s focus on the sheer power of PlexTrac’s Analytics module and how this empowers your vulnerability management program. Visualization in PlexTrac ensures that your team clearly understands it’s maturity across all of its most important assets. Critical issues are visible at a glance, and you’ll never have to guess where priorities lie for your team and you as an individual. This signal through the noise allows blue teamers to work more efficiently and where they’re needed most.

Prioritization can make or break the efforts of your blue team, and the war waged against your defenses is never-ending, so the ability to be informed and make correct decisions is vital. Turn the tide of the war with PlexTrac.

Threat Hunting: Advanced Threat Simulation / Emulation

As a threat hunter you may get lumped in with the blue team, but you are no doubt a purple teamer. Threat hunters must play the role that lies between the red and blue team to ensure that popular adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) are tested on your network by the red team and holes found in your defenses are remediated by the blue team. Give your threat hunters a home with PlexTrac.

The winning combination for threat hunters on PlexTrac are Analytics and Runbooks modules. We already mentioned PlexTrac’s ability to ingest data from BAS tools like Core Impact and SCYTHE, and that functionality can’t be understated. With this data imported to Analytics, threat hunters can be the connective tissue that ensures your team is protected from even the most advanced tactics that adversaries are using out in the field.

Additionally, PlexTrac’s Runbooks module makes purple teaming exercises a breeze with structured facilitation and complex adversary emulation plans. Both SCYTHE and MITRE Engenuity have created adversary emulation plans that are easily brought into Runbooks to conduct purple teaming exercises. These exercises help threat hunters detect and isolate advanced threats to your organization by testing TTPS, including social engineering, phishing, penetration testing, ransomware, and more, that your current defensive systems couldn’t detect or respond to in time. Take a proactive approach to your threat hunting processes by using PlexTrac’s Runbooks module.

Being a threat hunter in cybersecurity is a hard job, as it requires creativity and hunters often don’t have a set place to start. Empower your threat hunting operations with a platform like PlexTrac.

Check out a video that shows off PlexTrac’s integration with SCYTHE and MITRE Engenuity below:

PlexTrac MiniDemos: Using MITRE and SCYTHE Adversary Emulation Plans

Security Workflow Management: Purple Teaming Collaboration

As a blue teamer, whether you’re using the platform as a living risk register, for your vulnerability management program, for threat hunting, or for another use case altogether, rest assured that there are PlexTrac features out there that will help you work more effectively and efficiently.

In addition to a slew of red and blue functionality, the platform also looks to unify security teams of all makeups, emphasizing the need for purple teaming collaboration. Gone are the days of siloed teams and an adversarial relationship between red and blue. Instead, use PlexTrac to employ a program of continuous assessment and watch your security posture strengthen.

From one-person security consultancies to large security enterprises, and everything in between, there’s a PlexTrac for everyone.

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